Still on .06, Insurance is covering all but 25.00/pen and I’ve a coupon card from Victoza to cover that cost for the first 6 months…things are looking great. Numbers still down, although the weighloss is a non issue seeing as how I’m on the lowest dose. It would be nice to lose the weight all the others are talking about, but not at the expense of taking more then I need and paying the extra at the drug store I don’t think.

I’m happy thus far, very much so. Took a reading yesterday afternoon and my BS was 77! I don’t think I’ve seen a number that low since I was diagnosed two years ago!


That is great news. I’ve heard of many people having success with Byetta and Victoza. It didn’t help my blood sugars or weight and cost me $200/month, so I dropped it, but everyone is different. You may not find any help with weight loss until you move up to a higher dose. Don’t be afraid to move to a higher dose, it may get full faster leading to weight loss.

BS, sorry it didn’t work for you. ;-( One of the reasons I don’t move to the higher dose is because of all the possible side effects and the lack of long term studies. I figure if the low dose works, I might as well stay there and it might mean less problems down the road if there should be any. I’m 57 and a grandmothers, so the extra weight doesn’t bother me all that much. I didn’t put it on until I quit smoking when my granddaugher was born 5 years ago. I spent the first half of my life in the 130ish to 140ish range and smoked like a chimney. Now I’m spending the 2nd half in the 190ish range and am enjoying being a non smoking grandmother. Works for me and so does the Victoza as far as keeping down my blood sugar. Can’t wait to find out in the future what it does to my A1Cs. :wink: Thanks for the comment and hopefully you’ll find something that works for you too!

Lower dose may just mean it will take longer to see any weight loss. It has done wonders for my BS.
5.9 A1C last week. That is the best I’ve seen in 5 years and I attribute a lot of it to the Victoza. It has taken just about a year to get here. Weight loss since Victoza is about 40 pounds.