April DF Magazine: Carb Counting

So the April issue of Diabetes Forecast is out.

They interviewed “real diabetics” for tips on carb counting.

I happened to be one of those interviewed:

The goal was to “help new diabetics deal with the whole carb counting thing.”

I was wondering what you all thought - did we manage to help?



Congratulations on being included in the magazine, and for offering great suggestions.

I don’t want to be too critical, but if I was a newbie and read that I would be overwhelmed and confused by all the different opinions and ideas. I would have preferred a simple article giving the basics of carb counting with maybe just a few pictures and the little personal tips interspersed to make it personal.

We have another member that was also in the article - I will let them decide if they want to come forward with their real name!

Some of the tips were good, but the first one was “accept your situation.” What does that have to do with carb counting? You can be the perfect little diabetic and weigh everything that goes into your mouth, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept your situation. I agree that accepting your situation is important - you can’t change it but it has nothing to do with carb counting.

I fogot to add, congratulations for being in the article!

Those are great points. I think the points about eating out are all so true. The difference in accuracy in carb counting is huge, even if I can look up the nutrition information at a restaurant.

ps. Does this mean that drewgolden is back and will be doing more human experiments?

I thought it was excellent. And good idea making “accept your situation” #1. Those who are in any kind of denial will be MUCH less likely to watch what they eat, or maybe even count carbs at all. Good job!

I agree with Zoe that the article (in which I participated as well…) is quite a mouthful!!

BTW Drew, MrsAcidRock said “I can’t believe they took a picture of that other guy eating potato chips” which are pretty much my top weakness in terms of stuff I shovel in wantonly…heh heh heh

LOL - my wife pointed to your picture and asked me why I was not fit like that!

And I think you were 100% on point with record keeping. Even if you do it for one week a month, so much can be gained from looking at the figures.

I think it was good they acknowledged that some of us do low carb. Just a basic acknowledgement on the part of Diab. Forecast.

I agree, with Zoe, if I read this as a newbie I would be overwhelmed! But really, a PWD should immediately get training with a CDE/nutritionist, so maybe a few tips after some good training would be okay. Congrats to Drew and Mr. AcidRock! Definitely a step in the right direction.

Your online pictures just don’t do you justice!


Wow, I just got the magazine yesterday and had no idea the picture would be so humongous! Interesting issue overall, they seem to be pushing informative content although it sort of shies away from massive conclusions. Still, it was a fun experience.

I receive this magazine and it was THE BEST one yet!!! I plan to keep it for furture reference!!

This is exactly the type of information I was looking for when I was newly diagnosed, and it is still very useful. I’m really glad they included people with Type 1. Thank you for participating.

Thanks for the feedback. It was a very interesting, if grueling experience. Here’s a pic of the stuff that went into the pic of me:

The photographer had that tower off the side of the bridge w/ a giant battery running the light, then the assistant had a giant reflector thing on the other side, I tossed a leaf down for a ‘mark’ by their spot they’d shoot at and ran laps for about an hour and a half. I wish I’d had my Garmin so I’d know how much I ran. I need to email him to see how the other batch of “forest” pics turned out?

That was a good article, thanks!

So you basically ran a marathon to get your picture taken?

I’m not that fast, 1.5 hours = maybe 9-10 miles? 2:06 is the fastest I ran a 1/2. I am about 1/2 the world record at a lot of distances, although maybe a shade faster @ the 5K? I’d also run 5 miles earlier in the day b/c it was nice out and, not realizing the the photo wouldn’t take 5-10 min like I expected, I didn’t want to take the day off so it was sort of like working out twice.

YUP good job. Finally someone is asking those who are dealing with it!

Even being not that fast, that is still pretty impressive to do that just for a photo shoot!

When DF did the success stories issue, they picked me but couldn’t get a photographer in my area so I only made the online version. Now I am glad that they did not get one - I never would have been able to do 1.5 hours on the treadmill!