Are any data processing tools available to help better understand my pump's data?

I have seen the posts proposing "hacking" into the data transmission between the devices.

Frankly, I'd be happy if someone would point me towards some useful Excel (or whatever) macros which would help me parse the CGM & other data reported by my pump.

I have a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm Revel 723 + CGM. I can upload the pump's data to Medtronic's and use their site to generate various reports. While that is certainly nice to have, I seem to have questions which I think the Carelink reports have no interest in addressing.

I wonder about such things as

  • How accurate is my CGM?
  • When did I calibrate & what effect did it have?
  • Are my calibration factors consistent or not?
  • Does it matter if they are or aren't?

Basically a lot of variations on "What the heck is going on here?".

One of the things Carelink does do ... and I am frankly very surprised they support this ... is let you download your previously uploaded pump data in a CSV file. So, in a sense, all the data is already available ready to be crunched. I just lack the tools and/or skills to do it.

Has anyone else already looked into creating tools to crunch a pump's data to derive more useful reports than what we currently get from the manufacturers?

-irrational John
T1 LADA ~1980; first pump: Minimed 507; current: Paradigm 723 + CGM

Hi John,

We're working on tools similar to what you describe. For example, check out:

It's not available broadly yet, but we're getting close to a Beta. Feel free to sign up for updates on our web site.


Sorry for not replying until now. My first impression was that your group was working on a commercial product. While I still don't understand how your project is organized, I now see that your project is open source (correct?) and it has repositories on github (Tidepool).

For now I'm just trying to learn enough to play with a CareLink CSV data export using Excel. One of the things I am currently puzzling about is if I can document how quickly I'm going through pump batteries.

Does you group have any insight into how to decode the Raw-Types CurrentBatteryStatus and/or ChangeBatteryEnable and/or ChangeBatteryEnableGH?

CurrentBatteryStatus seems to report the battery's voltage. However, I have not been able to figure out when/why this data is logged by the pump.

Figured it couldn't hurt to ask ... ;-)

-irrational John
T1 LADA ~1980; first pump: Minimed 507; current: Paradigm 723 + CGM