Need help downloading pump info

I am having trouble downloading info from medtronics paragigm pump and one touch meter. I have tried on my PC with Windows XP and my macbook. Any suggestions???

Best source for info would be to call Medtronic.

OneTouch software is located here
You need to buy a cable from them.

thanks for the info, I have the BD USB cable
May have to call medtronics

W/ Medtronics, you need the CareLink transmitter. It goes into a USB port. I think that there's something a bit funky that you have to do to install it but it was years ago and I don't remember exactly what it is, like sign in as an admin on your computer and use a command line prompt to get it to connect. Sorry I can't provide better info. is a link to some info that may help. I don't bother d/l my meters any more and just use the data I put into my pump and CGM and it works ok. I like the Carelink reports a lot. They have some useful data!

thanks, yes I have read that I need the transmitter, i’ve been working on this for hours!!! I do not have a CGM and I have been having a few issues with my BS lately. I will just bring both my devices to my Dr and she can download them.

It may be useful to see if you might be able to stop by before your appointment to d/l the stuff on their system? Doctors usually have the "Pro" version of Carelink that provides snazzier looking graphs (compiled from the .csv file of your complete data...) but the other reports are useful too. I like to check them out before I go see her. A lot of times, if I see something, I'll just adjust the pump *before* my appointment as I sort of blow it off until the last minute but, since you don't have the USB thing, it would probably get you a better appointment for whatever you are paying for it to get the doc the data ahead of time?