Are Doctors Really That Stupid

Today my mother calls my cellphone while I was at class. I didn’t get her call right away so she kept calling. After like the third call I picked up the phone said “Mom I am in Class. Leave me a message” and hung up the phone. So she called back and left a message. When I got the message after my class she was freaking out. My doctor’s office called and left a message saying I needed to go to the hospital right away, my Labs came back wrong. I was like oh goodness, let me call them. I just had routine blood work done, instead of waiting to see my endo and having her do it for me. (Every time I go to the endo I am not fasting so haven’t had it done in a while. Trying to take advantage of the time at my physical with my regular doctor). So I call them up. The chick woman there says that Dr. Sharma is concerned because my cholesterol is not high, but in the range that they would treat for diabetics. (Well that is why I am on lovostatin Lady maybe we need to up the dose.) So they are upping the dose from 20 mg to 40mg. No big deal. Then she said that I need to go to the ER because I am at risk for DKA. I was like what, my sugars have been a bit wacky, but no ketones, and I have total control over them. My fasting sugar was 147 and that was really high. (Oh man do I wish I could go and let them see a 200 they will have a heart attack, LOL.) I reminded the medical assistant that I was a Type one aka insulin dependent diabetic and 147 was fine for a fasting blood glucose. I also told her that it is now Tuesday and I had the blood work done on Thursday last week. If I was in DKA I would be dead by now as I have not gotten medical treatment. She told me that I should page my endo and let her know of this situation immediately. OMG. I cannot believe that a doctor can be that stupid. Lady, I am a diabetic. She just did not get that its ok of a diabetic to have a fasting sugar of 147. LIke what are they going to do, test me for something I already have? Just sitting here laughing at them. Have to share this with everyone. Hope I put a smile on your faces.

This is funny !!! You would think them being in the medical field they would know this stuff but not always. I am a nurse and it amazes me how stupid some people in the medical field are. I called into work one time because my BS was over 600 and they said just take some insulin and come to work. I told them I would not be there and hung up.