Somewhere along the way, I lost my faith in doctors

I have realized this with absolute certainty lately.

After my experience at my endo during which he told me to get my A1c from 5.5 to 6.5 without bringing up my actual individual BG numbers at all.

After reading so many threads on here of just plain doctor/nurse idiocy.
See: Docs/nurses say you should never test more than 4 times a day.
See: Insane misdiagnosis stories.

After my fiance’s doctors prescribe him a cocktail of mental health drugs rather nonchalantly and don’t appear to have much concern about how they all interact.

After my friend finally gets diagnosed with lupus after nearly 2 years of symptoms and taking 3 different medications known for causing lupus symptoms and aggravating lupus, and a family history of having lupus.

IT’S DISGUSTING. What are we paying these people for? I’m not expecting them to be perfect, but these stories (and there are SO, SO many more) are hideous. I read about negative, ridiculous incidents with doctors more often than not. Especially when it comes to diabetes.

As if we don’t have enough problems with the general public or even our family and friends not understanding our disease. It’s absurd we can’t even have doctors that get it.

Anyway. I’ve just realized that somewhere along the way, after experiencing and reading about so many situations where doctors are just blatantly WRONG, that I no longer trust anything they say by default. Medical degree or not. -___-

It’s rather sad.

(PS, this is just a rant… >:] )

Rant on. We all need to from time to time. As a pastor when I go to visit the sick in hospitals I am shocked to see Dr’s who know what the problem is but refuse to do anything for fear of up setting the persons primary Dr. It is enough to make a preacher cuss (and I should know).

I’m with you!
Try it in a smallish town, it’s even worse and your options are that much more limited.
I’m running out of doctors here and the next ones are 2 hours away.

Thanks, guys!!!

Carrie, where in Texas are you? I’m in College Station…could definitely be worse, though there are few endos here, Houston isn’t far off. Sounds like you lived through an awful misdiagnosis yourself. Ugh, can only imagine how hard it is to deal with doctors after going through that.

It took them 8 years to give me a lupus diagnosis (and I knew from week 4) and 33 for them to figure out I was Type 1 (1/5/LADA) and not Type 2. I could write a book on this subject!

Imagine how much I love doctors! If I didn’t need them to get prescriptions, I’d be happy never to see another one again. The process of diagnosis is sometimes more an art-form than a science. Some are better at it than others. I seem to get most of the bad ones… except for my current Endo… he’s a gem!

i agree!!

we just need a prescription pad so we can prescribe our own meds! that would be so easy! :wink: since we all know what’s going on with us and the docs don’t! lol

Jaclyn, I’m way over in San Angelo so my closest choices are Abilene, Midland or Austin.

I’m glad you brought this up, too many take their word as gospel and suffer needlessly.

I know what you are saying. About 11 yrs. ago I got bronchitis and was given anti-biotics, good-but I developed a breathing problem and was experiencing asthma attacks. My doctor could not figure what was causing the asthma attacks so he referred me to a pulmonologist whereby he gave me a “breathing treatment” that almost killed me. I couldn’t breath and I got panicky. He prescribed me prednisone and 2 inhalers. I got worse as the days went by. I called his office and told the nurse I was worst and needed to see him asap. They got me in immediately. He ordered another breathing treatment, oh my gosh, I knew I was going to die. I was worst yet. So he prescribed me more pills and more pills, I was taking about 15 different kinds and I was steadily getting worst. A few days later I called and screamed at his nurse and told her I wanted a referral to go to a specialist in Madison, where I needed a 3rd opinion. She got me in the same day in the afternoon. To make a long story short, that doctor said my breathing problems were caused by Atelenol my blood pressure medication that I had been on for the past 10 years! Apparently my body grew a resistence to beta blockers and was causing all my problems! I stopped the beta blockers and haven’t had any breathing problems anymore.
Moral of the story, do not settle on what doctors tell you, become an advocate of your own body and don’t be shy of telling your doctors you disagree with them and insist of finding someone else that knows more than they do.