Are ganglion cysts on tendons of the feet related to high blood sugar?

I believe a have a ganglion cyst on one of the tendons running on the top of my foot. I had a ganglion cyst on my big toe that had to be surgically removed about 20 years ago. Does anyone know if ganglion cysts are at all related to high blood sugar?

No. Ganglion cysts occur on tendons and synovial joints. The area where one forms has usually sustained an injury which the person may not be aware even occurred. The cells that form the fluid form more fluid than necessary. The cyst is full of a clear gelatinous fluid. It can be aspirated (fluid removed with a needle from one side) and a small amount of steroid solution injected, followed with gentle compressive dressing and ice pack periodically. Never apply ice pack directly to the skin and only leave in place for 10-20 minutes at most. Many times this resolves it. If it does not, then surgical removal can be done if the cyst is painful or causing problems. In your case, it could have happened just from a running shoe tied a little too tight or dropping something on the foot or even a small sprain. (I was a military podiatrist years ago and treated many, many of these.) Addition: If you have a penlight you can see if it is a fluid filled sac by aiming the light on one side, if the light “shines through” it is a fluid filled sac. Usually these are not fixed, but move a little when you lightly “push” them. Hope this helps.



The Mayo Clinic has a topic on this subject of ganglion cysts if you’d like read it. Hope this helps?

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