Are we famous now?

We are Famous now! JAH!
Had a reporter come to the house for an interview regarding the medal story. It’s for a local newspaper here in Nanaimo. Fun though. Will be in there this week! Took a lot of pictures from us both. No world news for sure.


Yes, that makes you famous now. LOL JB. That would be your “15 minutes of Fame”. That’s so exciting for you and Johanna. How did the reporter find out that you had received a medal? Anyways, that’s Fabulous. Good for you. I hope that we get to see the article and photo(s) of you.

My son told them.


Great! I’m Glad that he did. Your story is Well worth telling and is encouraging for so many Diabetics out there nowadays.

Johnben, Great!!! Make sure you post it on tudiabetes so we all can read it.

I will tell when it appears, this coming week should be.


Yes your famous now JB! Atleast locally! GO JB GO!!!