No medal yet but soon!

Something from JB.

Good morning all you happy diabetics. How come I feel so sunny today? Well saw my sawbones and he stated that my meds are working but won't give me a guarantee. How about a cheap doctor like that! He said with 50 years of diabetes, 20 years of bladder trouble, a fair portion of heart trouble, my outlook for becoming 100 is probably dim. But he said, your optimistic outlook on life will probably keep you going for the time being!

Mind you, the grand piano in my heavenly room with a view to kill for is tempting, but then I would have to say good bye to all my friends also on this board and that a sort of stops me!

Had to go to the ER for a visit yesterday. The night before I didn't sleep ever. Was shaking all over and thought it was my heart. But know, a big surprise. It was emptesima (S) I smoked 40 years ago. Not any smoking in the last 40 years. Also only the pipe, so now you know where the saying " put that in your pipe and smoke it" comes from. The damage done that long ago will visit you again when you get older. Even that long ago!

Do you remember I told you about the lady who has the little boy she has to needle daily for his diabetes? Well, the husband did run away and left her with a busy store to run and looking after her boy all by herself. Brave eh? I picked this "eh" up and can't shake it! I hope that you all do good with your diabetes! Like the saying goes "walk Towards the Sunshine and let the Shadows fall behind you!"

It's only me, JB.