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Yea !!! I’m the first… I use the Ultra Smart. and the mini. Okay…

I like the Ultra Smart for its graph; however a small compact number would be more practical when engaging in an activity.

I just got the Ultra one touch 2 and I really like it. It is easy to use and easy to ubderstand. I used an Ultra one touch before and always like it. I even have my husband using the Ultra One touch. I didn’t care for the Ultra Mini. I like my averages where I can see them.

I only use the Mini when I want the tiny meter like when I’m doing some kind of activity… Most of the time I use the UltaSmart.
I download and fax the information over to my Doctor and he loves the graphs and stuff that the software comes up with… he loves to tell me to get out of the red and blue…

Right now we use the one touch ultra II and we purchased the mini for my in-laws to use when they watch Olivia. When school lets out for the summer we are going to switch to the One Touch UltraSmart. I need to sit down and read the booklet. We just got it in the mail and it looks like it would be a great tool for making charts/graphs/etc

I am in the process of switching over. Yippeeee new meter, lets fire up and make mini med send us some duplicatge so we cna more than one.


We use the one touch Ultra2, do all the onetouch use the same test strips?

I have the One Touch Ultra Smart, which is great for keeping track of carbs and other factors besides your actual blood glucose reading. I find it most useful when changing meds or insulin.

The main drawback for me is the enormous blood sample required for it to work. I used to waste a lot of test strips because I just couldn’t get a large enough sample. I found ways around that, but overall I tend to use a Freestyle meter on a daily basis because I got tired of bruising myself to get the sample these meters need. I use it only when I need to keep more extensive records.

When my husband was diagnosed with Type 2, I got him a One Touch Ultra 2 so he could keep track of whether the reading was before or after a meal. He refuses to use a logbook, so this meter is perfect for him.

He doesn’t seem to have much trouble getting an adequate sample, although he did have some trouble with it the first week and wasted a lot of test strips.

I wish this company would develop test strips that can use a much smaller blood sample, its a major drawback for me.

I use the software for these meters and find it too cumbersome. It’s difficult to scroll through the small window to find a given glucose reading or other comment, or to follow a given period of time. Its just not very user friendly. I hope they work on improving it. I do like being able to print off my own copy of a report, I just wish the formats were simpler and more similar to the Freestyle reports.

Yes, I think it would be great if the makers of One Touch Ultra Smart developed test strips that required a smaller sample. I have a condition that causes my fingers to often be cold and/or blue tinged, and getting a nice fat drop is hard to come by!

We got a free mini through the mail. I think I went to

Two complaints about Lifescan and One Touch meters:

First, their pouches are so cheap and they fall apart so fast. The velcro on my Ultra Mini pouch doesn’t work anymore, and I’m already on my fourth regular Ultra pouch because it just frays into dust. At least they replace them for free.

Second, whats the deal with the new Ultra Mini with data port? I was a little peeved when I saw it in the store…I had just purchased the Ultra Mini with no data port. I called Lifescan and they won’t trade up. I think that was a big boo boo on their part. Sure it’s a cheap meter, but who wants to pay more for supplies they already have?

Other than that, I’m a lifelong One Toucher.

I’ve been using OneTouch products since I was first diagnosed in 1994. I think I started out with a OneTouch Profile and moved up through the ranks since then. Currently I’m using the Ultra2 and the Mini on occasion. I find that the Mini fits nicely into smaller purses.

I haven’t had a problem with them falling apart on me - in fact I think the last problem meter from them that I had was part of the InDuo (the meter part was like a One Touch Ultra) wherein it had major problems realizing that I had in fact given it blood. :slight_smile: I also never use the bags, because like Dino mentioned, they do fall apart pretty quickly. I stick to my handy dandy diabetes pencil case.

The one touch is the only meter I’ve used, I like the Ultra Smart it covers everything you need

I use the ultra smart and the mini. I prefer my ultra smart because of the downloadable capabilities and all of the extra information that I can keep track of. My new doctor wants me to keep track of everything.

I use my mini when I am not carrying a purse. I am waiting for the new colors on the mini before I get a new one. I would like one that keeps track of more than 50 readings. I prefer the lancet device on the mini.

I use one touch ultra, It’s a gift from my father in law… I’ve read in a discussion board that one touch readings are 20 points lower than other BG monitor… that’s why I am a bit worried… because meaning… if my BG is 140, actually it’s 160???
But I can’t afford to buy another, so I think I’ll stick to it… :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed using the Lifescan(One Touch) since day 1. Actually, I still have my first (Lifescan)Fast Take machine.

I did get the FreeStyle Mini also since People were saying how wonderful they were.

I compared the 2 machines and I found the Freestyle was way out of range if my sugar went past 7.0mmol., in comparison to the One Touch(my One Touch is comparable to my Dr’s and Hospital meters) .

If my One Touch said 7.0 or 7.2 mmol./L, the Freestyle was always up at 11.2 or 11.4. I’m not sure if all machines are still 15-20% off accuracy as they were but I didn’t feel that I should use a machine that puts me even farther off the accuracy scale.

That may have been a bad lot of Freestyles, I don’t know but after I used all the strips on comparing the 2 machines, I put the Freestyle away for Good. I also found the Freestyle too small Whereas the Ultra 2 is a Good size and I like the bigger number and other features. I have the coupon for a mini, I may try that one also. It is slimmer but longer, so that should be okay.

Wow, 27 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, back then glucometers cost $600.00, the blood you had to have on the test strip was 10 times the amount needed now, and then you had to rinse the blood off, blot it dry then put it in the meter. Each test timed for one minute, that doesn’t include getting anything ready. Compare that to today’s meters this is a breeze. And better than having to test your urine against a colour chart. We’ve come a looonnng way. Thank God. Its not good to have the disease but it has gotten a little easier to live with.

So very true, Mike. A bit of a reality cheque that! I remember a lady, of thereabouts 70, recounting how her dad had to sharpen her syringes, and that they had to be sterilized in boiling water daily.