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So my insurance is covering plenty of strips, but they only cover One Touch. When I got out of the hospital, I had no idea what to get and ended up with the Ultra Mini. It works just fine for me, but there’s just no way to streamline a download to my phone. For a while, I was religious about recording the numbers. Now I still test, but just don’t get the numbers recorded like I would prefer.
I know the Verio Flex has a blue tooth connection, but I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts about its accuracy in comparison to the Ultra. For me, the Ultra was within 3 or 4 mg/dl when I tested as I walked in to the lab the last two times.

I started with the Ultra after diagnosis. Switched to the Verio Flex for the same reason you mention: I needed a One Touch that would sync nicely with my phone. The Verio Flex works quite nicely for that, and the software (on both phone and PC) is quite good. However, due to a change in insurance, again, I’m now moving to Ascencia (Bayer) Contour Next products.

Verio Flex has a much nicer software interface than Glucofacts Deluxe (hah, Deluxe my arse), but the Contour Next products are far more accurate in most circumstances. Also, new software and app with a Bluetooth enabled meter are being released in a week or so, and I’m on the list for the new gig (Contour Next One).

But, aside aside, the Verio Flex worked quite nicely, all things considered. But it occasionally did the random number thing, and couldn’t do a repeat reading within 10% no matter what I did.

I have used OneTouch meters for years. Studies that I have seen suggest that the Verio series is more accurate than the older Ultra series. There are three meters in the Verio series. I chose the first one (Verio IQ) as it is more compact and I have no need for color or bluetooth. The Verio IQ is also rechargeable, the other models make you replace the battery.

You can get a free meter every year from OneTouch. I don’t think I have every paid for a meter.

@Brian_BSC, that’s cool that they’re still giving away meters. As an engineer, I had to laugh at their blather about “ColorSure™ technology”, which sent me off looking through the features to see what this novel innovation is. Here’s a picture:


Yes, it’s what you think it is – the “technology” is a little triangle arrow over one of three colors below the display to indicate low/in/high range. In my opinion it’s a poor design – the words, “low, OK, high” would be better, as colors can be meaningless unless you read the manual.

No reflection on the quality of the meter itself – this is a good feature. But I have to laugh at the marketing folks who think a display indicator qualifies as a “technology” that should be trademarked and promoted like some amazing invention. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Dave26 I agree with you that the “colorsure” technology is just a silly feature. I really don’t need a meter to tell me whether my readings are high or low. At least they let you set the low and high limits. The Verio IQ has a pattern feature which is “more advanced” but is also pretty useless. If I repeatedly am going low or high after meals it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. I just want a regular meter that is precise and accurate.

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I have Caremark also, you too? All onetouch products are horrible in my experience. I chose to buy my own strips outside of coverage because I dislike them so much. They are very inconsistent for me. If you use them I hope they work better for you. The verio series uses less than half the amount of blood for than the ultra and that is a feature I’d consider quite nice.

I’ve had two quarterly blood tests since diagnosis, and tested myself right before walking in to the lab. I was within 5 mg/dl each time. I know others have had difficulty with One Touch accuracy, but I’ve found it to be sufficiently accurate for my needs. I’ll probably ask to switch to the Verio Flex at my next appointment, but we’ll see.
Yes, I’m on Caremark, so I’m going with One Touch for the time being. If I had been having inaccurate results, I would switch.

Actually, I wasn’t criticizing the feature itself, per se (being able to set a range and have your meter remind you when your outside is a good feature, IMO), just the marketing dept. hype over it like they’d discovered gravity or something. Fer gawd’s sake, its a little display indicator over a colored label sticker. “Technology”??? I suppose so – to gnats :grin:

Yes, but the Verio IQ has an actual color display!

[quote=“Brian_BSC, post:9, topic:58287, full:true”]
Yes, but the Verio IQ has an actual color display!
[/quote]I’m just waiting on the edge of my seat for the new, 2017 “Klaxon™ Technology”, sure to let you know during meetings that you’ve strayed :grin: :grin:

Happy New Year, by the way!


When my insurance changed making it so I could no longer use Freestyle and had to use One Touch, I did a lot of comparison tests against my Freestyle, which I consider to be very accurate, between the Ultra 2, Mini and Verio as well as Relion Prime. The Ultra 2 and the Mini were usually quite close to each other, but more often than not, a lil bit lower than the Freestyle.

Verio, on the other hand, consistently read way HIGH all the time, many times over 40% higher than the One Touch and my Freestyle. I decided that if I used that one, I would probably end up killing myself from over bolusing since I base my boluses off of my level. Relion Prime also usually read quite high for me. I decided I would go with the Ultra and the Mini and will never use the Verio again.

Also, most of the time, my Freestyle gives the same, or very close, reading in repeated tests, the Ultra and Mini do a lot of the time, just not as close or as often as my Freestyle. The Verio and Relion never did.

Sometimes the Ultra and Mini will give results close the Freestyle result, but most of the time their readings our lower. But because they do occasionally give a reading close to the Freestyle, I can’t just automatically assume the reading I am getting is lower, so it makes me always question the result. However, even with that in mind, I still feel they are much more accurate than the Verio. I believe the Verio is just plain dangerous and the Relion Prime is not much better.

I think it is odd how meters from the same maker, Ultra2/Mini vs Verio, can give such wildly different readings.

The only differences I have found between the Ultra2 and the Mini are the Mini is easier to use and get to previous readings, but unlike the Ultra2, it does not give averages. I decided I would rather have the previous two features than the averages so I use the Mini the most.

In a perfect world, I would be able to use my Freestyle Lite forever, as it has it all, ease of use, very lil blood, averages and above all else, accuracy. But it isn’t a perfect world, so I am stuck using what I consider the lessor of the evils, One Touch Ultra2/Mini.

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I just started using Verio IQ after years of using one touch ultra and my readings are very high in comparison. I called them and the told me it can be within 30% :frowning:
They are sending new monitor!
Any other thoughts on this!

The Verio IQ is a pain because you have to recharge it so often. If you’re at home most of the time, then this may be a minor inconvenience. If you’re not at home most of the time, then it’s a major PITA. I think it’s the most annoying meter I’ve ever used.

I like the Verio Flex better because it uses a battery that only needs to be replaced every 1-2 years. I seem to have consistent results between different meters, but I’ve read other posts of people showing that One Touch meters are not consistent with the other meters they use. It seems to vary on a person to person basis.

From what I’ve read on online forums, it seems that the Contour Next/Contour Next One may be the most consistently accurate meter. However, most insurances don’t appear to cover that. Since my results seem consistent on both meters, I continue to order the One Touch Verio Flex strips.

The strips for the Contour Next One are pretty affordable on Amazon though.

I have used OneTouch meters for years – nearly as long as I have had diabetes, which is 23 years-- mainly because my insurance company covered the strips. In the past 5-7 years, I was using the OneTouch Ultra2. I was always concerned about how high my BS’s were – some over 200 – but then when I got my HbA1C back, it was always low. Never have had one over 6.4. (the last 2 were 6.0). Then a few months ago, I got the newer OneTouch Verio Flex because OneTouch stopped supporting the software that uploads to your computer. Have also been frustrated with the software anyway because it only works with Microsoft and I have a Mac. So I had to use a Virtual Machine and the software was very buggy with that. Enter the OneTouch VerioFlex. I went on a cruise and was surprised that I didn’t need any insulin for the whole 2 weeks. Just prn Prandin along with my Metformin and Truliciy. Finally I decided to compare my 2 meters. The OneTouch Verio Flex is consistently 25-30 points lower than the OneTouch Ultra2! No wonder my Hb A1Cs were always so good!!! I do like the software that uploads onto your iphone. However, I recently saw on the company website that they are no longer supporting that software!! What??? I am very frustrated with OneTouch.

You should also know that most reviews I have seen say that the OneTouch meters are not very accurate compared to the Contour Next or the Freestyle meters (check Consumer Reports for e.g.). You should also know that the OneTouch Verio IQ was recalled a few years back but that OneTouch is still advertising it on their website. Also know that the OneTouch Verio is different from the OneTouch Verio Flex. Would like to know from others if there are any accurate meters that upload to iphone. Well, just my 2c.

I would sooner pay out of pocket for test strips than use any of the verio line. I’ve used all three, because my diabetes supplier (Byram Healthcare) it’s trying to force the one touch meters on me, and keep sending me different ones to try. Seriously, they’re awful. Complete random number generators and usually register way too high. I don’t even believe the within 30% accurate. I think the flex is the worst of the three, but they’re all terrible. I’ve gone hypo each and every single time I’ve tried to bolus/correct with a verio.

I can’t comment on any of their other meters, though.