Are you a young adult with diabetes? Introduce yourself here!

This is diabetics who are young adults (18-29).

Hello young adults. How bout those sugars?

hi i am a 23 year old with type 2 diabetes that has been really difficut to control my a1c is 10.4. i can use any tips you can give me to help control my blood sugers. i take insulin u-500, metformen .
nice to meet every body


Have you heard about this?

Check out this brief interview with Dr. Denise Faustman, Director of
Immunobiology at Mass. General from today’s Science Friday on
NPR…She has managed to reverse Type 1 diabetes completely in mice using BCG, a TB vaccine already in use and approved by the FDA, and recently started phase I human trials.

A link to an article describing the work.

Its enough to get me a bit excited!

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to tell you that I’ll be walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Walk to Cure Diabetes this year, and to ask you to join me.

Taking part in the Walk is great experience. Not only will you be making a real difference in helping to find a cure that will change the lives of millions… you’ll be having FUN, and getting a good workout too!

First, let me tell you a little about why this cause is so important.

Every year, more than 30,000 new cases of type 1 diabetes–the most severe form of the disease–are diagnosed in the United State alone, a large and growing percentage of them children. Day-to-day living is a challenge for people with type 1 diabetes–and multiple insulin injections are only the beginning. But what’s even harder is facing the reality of the devastating complications that can stem from their condition.

As you can imagine, it’s easy for people with type 1 diabetes to feel that their future is uncertain. But thanks to research funded by organizations such as JDRF, people with diabetes have a new sense of hope. Scientists have made enormous progress, and a cure for type 1 diabetes is now within reach.

That’s why this is such a crucial time, and why I’m asking you to join me in walking, and raising money that will speed these scientists toward that cure. Every walker, and every dollar, brings us that much closer.

So please, come join me for this very special day… and a chance to make a real difference!

I’ll be walking at Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA on October 19, 2008. You can find out more and sign up at:

Thank you,

Shary’s team

I just started a group for diabetics and those interested/affected by diabetes on the Texas A&M University main campus.

The following link will give you any information you need.

It’s the first group on the campus of its kind and I’m very excited to get it up and running, however I need everyone to spread the word! I’m also looking at starting the same type of group across the US on various campuses, so if you want your campus to be considered, let me know!

Hello fellow diabetics!
I am so glad I found this website. I am 18 yrs. old and have had diabetes since August of 2006. It has been difficult for me and there are no other people that I know of that has diabetes that I can talk to. I live in Chipley,Fl, so if anyone lives near don’t be afraid to say hi. The Diabetic Kid : )

young adults. nice to have found you. i am currently one of you also. being in your 20’s and on your own completely is a bit of a chore to begin with, but adding that lovely little side of diabtes to the dish is quite unnerving at times. i hope to engage in some conversation about similar issues. hit me up anytime. later, people.

I joined tudiabetes a couple of months ago, but I just reently started reading some of the infomration and comments in this group. I’ve been a diabetic for aalmost 12 years now, and I’ve always thought that there isn’t a lot of support for younger-aged people with diabetes. It’s been a comfort to read and discuss diabetes with people close to my age. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
I was just diagnosed with type 1 this month and feel a bit lonely.
People around me don´t really know how if feel, so it would be great to share some views and experiences.
cheers :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. I’m Chris and I was diagnosed w/ type 1.5 November 08. I originally for the first couple months started out with medication, humalog, and levemir to control my sugar. Now through diet I am able to take medications during the day, and a levemir injection at night. I also have a medtronic continuous glucose monitor. So hopefully I can answer any questions someone has about it, even though I haven’t been diagnosed long. My last a1-c was 4.6, I think I was too strict on my diet if that makes any sense?

hi, how are you guys doing? I hate that im not a yung adult now cus im 21 lol but I know how it felt to be a teen with t1

Hi every one Just a question What do people think about the H1N1 shot? What’s every ones thoughts on it?

Hi everyone I was confused if I was the right age for this group but I saw the age group and glad that I am in that age range.Yeah
Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is ok.

hey anyone’s welcome here. just watned to make some new friends but I am so bad at keeping up

Zmoney in the house

So excited to find a group of people my age that know the “joys” of our everyday lives. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Hey, I just turned 32 and I consider myself a young adult too! I was recently diagnosed with Type II.

Hey everybody. Just found out about this site. Hoping to receive some good info. I’m a type 1 and have been for over 9 years.