Teenagers With Type 1

A group for teenagers with type 1 aged 13-20 :slight_smile:

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hey plz add me up, thnx, living with type 1 diabetes is very hard because first and formost i am a nursing student, difficulty of having is everyday i am injecting insulin. day and night.

hey whats up this websites kinda cool I guess im not into the whole like complaine about my diabetes I love it it makes me unique so whatever this group seems cool

Hey, I use the omnipod… if you are not yet a member, join Omnipod users!

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hello every body.this website lookes very interesting,i am very happy to be a new member,i am a teenager with type1…actually,living with type1 diabetes is very hard but it is funny in the same time and that makes us unique.

what is the most bazzar thing you’ve ever been asked?

well, the most bazaar thing that ever happened was when the office was full (I have to take my shot in there) so I went to the “empty” science room and a lady walked in (litle did I know she was the SUB). I froze with the pen halfway in my leg, counted to ten, and left the room. we didn’t talk for the rest of the day. :slight_smile:

hey everyone. this website loks really really cool. i am so happy that i’ve joined and i hope that i learn more about it!!!

Hi All! We have a newly diagnosed teen who just joined TuDiabetes!

Perhaps you can stop by and welcome her! Click here to see her profile page.

nice to be here…
im just new here and
i want to meet new friends
with type 1 diabetes… =)

How is everyone?

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Hiiaa Everyone <3 x

hey everyone im new here and i was wondering if i could get some helpp.
im working on my gold award project for girl scouts and im writing a book like Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul for diabetic teens, to help them cope with it. im 16 so i wrote a few stories in it, but i still need a few more.

if anyone would be willing to write me one, that would be great!

message me if u have any questions. they should be 1-2 pages.

thankssss <3

Hey, I just joined tudiabetes.

heyy :slight_smile:
15 with type 1 how more amazing could my life get?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday I was talking to my mom and I was having some issues with my BG’s, so I said “Well, I do not know if I am going to get high or not, Mom”. I got an odd look from a freshmen. I love, love, love, these moments!

heyy everyone just joined Tudiabetes and this group :slight_smile:

Hey anyone here from Nottingham? x

Anyone From Sacramento here ?