Are you confident?

On this day of VOICE OUT TYPE 1 AWARENESS.I would have too say YES!!! IN DEED. I Lived on both sides without Diabeties type1. But yet dealing with my brothers challenges. And Then when i was dx. Life changed.But it only made me wanna give more than the extra mile. Raiseing more awareness by JDRF WALK TO CURE DIABETIES. To Car shows and health fairs. garagage sales to send my dad and chad to raise more funds in 105 mile bike ride thourgh death valley 5 times.And another one this year.Then i was again asked this question in my pumping insulin book. ARE YOU CONFIDENT? I ANSWERED YES! TO THIS Question and many others but this one stood out more than others.Because in high school we had this saying YES ! I CAN. And i did say that and i did make it though high school. SO YES I CAN AND YES TO CONFIDENT.Still pumping. And loving it. Once again BROTHER THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I LOVE YOU . And i couldnt do it with out you.You are my hero and inspireration.Well i will close my AWARENESS DAY TO SPEAK OUT MY VOICE. With a quote I will bless you with a future filled with HOPE!!! A FUTURE OF SUCCESS, NOT SUFFERING. YOU WILL TURN BACK TO ME AND ASK FOR HELP, AND I WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYERS.YOU WILL WORSHIP ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND I WILL BE WITH YOU. And speaking of ARE YOU CONFIDENT? a CO - Worker of mine is going in the MARINES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. My prayers and thoughts go with you and my you always remember that there are angels among us. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS!!! YOU Will be missed.PS HOPE You dont over sleep lol:) I really do hate goodbyes. This is not good bye this is untill we meet again.