Are you going to watch what you eat on Thanksgiving?


I am curious to know how many of you out there in diabetes land are going to watch what you eat on Thanksgiving day. Personally I am digging in, I will do a long increased temp basal, plenty of bolusing and frequent BG testing. Most of the time I eat low carb but on turkey day I just can’t resist!!!

I’m with you, David. I plan to make my absolutely sinful sweet potatoes (complete with marshmallows but probably compromising with sugar-free syrup). And then there’s my mom’s infamous stuffing I can’t live with out. It’s not a high-carb day - it’s a HELLA-carb day. But frequent testing and lots of bolus stacking are certainly in store for me. I will have my new Navigator CGMS running - poor thing, probably going to bust a spring in it. :wink:

There are also a lot of foods on the table that I skip in order to work in what I want. I am so into my favorite carb-y side dishes at Thanksgiving that I will often save a slice or two of pie for myself and eat it a week later rather than throw dessert on top of a high-density meal.

I like the idea of an extended temp basal, especially during the morning and the day before when I am doing so much food preparation. We have to remember, cooks among us, that all of that food prep can cause contact highs from absorption through the skin. I am a dig-my-hands in kind of cook and will pay for it.

melissa- i too suffer from contact highs :slight_smile: and am with both you and David. i’ll be watching what i eat. oh yes. watching it go in my mouth! i had a trial run last weekend at the father-in-law’s pre-thanksgiving gobble fest. at one point my pump wouldn’t let me bolus any more because i had met my max. oops. still- had perfect readings every two hours. all in range. hopefully i can repeat that wed & thurs. good luck to all!

This is my first holiday with the pump, and I’m a little nervous. But I will be doing extra tests and a higher temp basal (good idea, david!) prob. But, I will also indulge just a little =)

I doubt I will be worrying too much about what I am eating on Thanksgiving David. We can certainly allow ourselves at least one day of indulgence rather than watching others digging in! Enjoy everyone,there’s always tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I always watch what I am eating … I dont want it to fall off the fork… I am just as guilty I am bringing corn pudding
Corn Pudding

1 sticks unsalted butter [melted and cooled]
1 8 1/2 oz. box corn bread mix
1 16 oz. can corn, drained
1 16 oz. can creamed corn
1 container sour cream

Brush a 3 qt. baking dish with some of the melted butter. Mix all ingredients and pour into pan, smoothing top.
Bake 350 50-5 minutes [or until knife inserted in center comes out clean] on center shelf of oven

Cool 5-10 minutes

Serves 6

I love the foods on Thanksgiving, too, but a few years ago I had a horrible seizure while sleeping Thanksgiving night. It must have been the extra insulin on top of the extra carbs. I just went too low even with the added testing. It makes me more cautious, now. The one plus is that I’m never so stuffed that I can’t move like everyone else at the table!

Momma is making dumplings and I could eat the whole pot. Like everybody else, the only thing I’ll be watching about my food is making sure it gets to my mouth. We can’t deny ourselves all things good. I’m just glad to hear I’m not the only one. I was beginning to think nobody on here ever did anything they “shouldn’t” do with the big D. Thanks for the question David.


Nope, nothing to watch this year. Thanksgiving is a fairly special time for me, since It was the Saturday before thanksgiving in 1980 that I was diagnosed. So, traditionally, I take the day off on Thanksgiving, and just make sure I have enough insulin on hand to prevent a nasty high. The last couple of years I managed to really perfect a home made Punk-N-Pie but no go this year. I am in Seattle, and everyone else including my kitchen is back in Milwaukee. So, looks like frozen dinner and video games for the day.


Years ago when I was first diagnosed and was not given insulin, so that the ONLY way I could avoid highs was eating very low carb I did a low carb Thanksgiving.

Talk about depressing! TG is my very favorite holiday and always has been. We have a long list of holiday foods we eat only on that day. After that year I just figured one day of highs wasn’t going to kill me, and it is one of the four days a year I can eat whatever I want, the others being Christmas, Valentines Day and my Birthday.

I have insulin now, so I’ll be jabbing myself all day long, but I will let myself indulge to a degree I usually don’t.


I will not be too hard on myself:) the only thing I really can’t stay away from is Pumpkin Pie!!! LOL

Ditto! :slight_smile:

Actually I lost the joy of stuffing myself on Thanksgiving quite a long time ago and just eat the meal. But this year I had added incentive to not eat that much (we had our Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday). We had just sat down at the table when we saw my son and daughter-in-law and little granddaughter pull in, unexpected, and I was so beside myself with joy at seeing them here that I could barely finish the food on my plate! And I was having so much fun the rest of the day that I really didn’t eat much at all the whole rest of the day!

Yeah, my approach is similar to yours David. I have a blog post first thing tomorrow morning that will outline my attack for Thanksgiving eating.

Some hints are: 2:1 ratio (can’t give away too much) ;), dessert tactics, basal rate, bolus like crazy.

Check it out if you get a chance, I would appreciate the feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving to the TU community!

Yes, I never even thought about food until everyone left later in the evening and I realized I was a little hungry! LOL

Sure I’m gonna watch what I eat tomorrow… Watch it go right in my mouth and then instantly to my hips and thighs! LOL! The holidays are absolutely the worse time for me. I’m the only diabetic in my family, and because of that, I don’t expect them to make special stuff just for me. I’m supposed to have the will power to resist and eat only the “good” things, but when there’s SO much goodies to eat, my will power goes right out the window! I’ve tried in the past to either make my own or buy a sugar-free or no sugar added pie or dessert, but what usually ends up happening is everyone else wants a piece too ans I share way too much of it and then I’m left with little or nothing for me. I guess I’m just too nice to tell them to back off! :slight_smile:

Since I’m type 2, I can’t really adjust my insulin level ahead, so I took precautionary measures & I’m taking metformin today & tomorrow. I’ve been exercising everyday but more vigorously for the past few days. I plan on eating turkey, salad and for dessert, my own diabetic snacks. Hmm the sad thing is, I eat turkey, salad & diabetic snacks everyday anyway.

My plan of attack is to eat more protein (turkey) than usual, and try to cut down on my prediagnosis intake of carbs. I’ll exceed my dietician’s recommendations, but I’ll take more insulin and then badger my cousins into going for a walk with me.