Did you stick to your Dr. B diet for Thanksgiving or take a day off?

I pretty much stuck to the diet. Turkey, salad, cauliflower faux mashed potatoes. My only deviation was about 2 mouthfuls of stuffing. Skipped the desert, a wonderful looking pumpkin pie. Tested before 107. But forgot to test after, so I’ll never know if the stuffing got to me.

I ate what I usually do. Had turkey, broccoli, cauliflower & marinated asparagus. Dinner was at a friend’s. She’s the most thoughtful person & went on-line to find recipes. There were numerous tempting desserts, but I brought homemade cheesecake so I had my own treat.

Just a little stuffing, that was the only carb. My numbers are all over the place recently so I have to really watch it. My girlfriend used some stevia I gave here for a couple of things which worked out great. She is making the switch from sugar now and seeing the logic of not eating it which is a good thing.

I’ve been checking back to associate type with post because as a LADA not on insulin, yet, I know that very little can push my sugars. In spite of cooking and baking for an army with six pies, muffins and rolls, I confined myself to turkey, brussel sprouts, and a few more mouthfuls of rhutabaga than I would normal do. I cannot use many artificial sweetners because they are made from Corn, especially Splenda. Liquid Stevia is a problem. I have only been doing this one year, and still remember what pie tastes like. It looked so good, but I know I can’t. The stress of cooking was keeping me 104ish when I hadn’t eaten in hours. I’ve also skipped exercise this week so I could cook. When do you know you need insulin?

So sorry for your experience! Was the ER visit related to the diabetes? My dear friend is a doc and was nervous when I first started Dr. B’s diet. I’m not on insulin, yet, so I really don’t swing. BTW, my bg seemed to be giving me lower numbers after Thanksgiving, not related to food intake. I wonder if the physical stress of cooking for many hours over many days affected my numbers.

I was half and half… lol I ate a lot of low carb things I made, and then I had some naughty things from other people… ahhh… wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be, at least. C’est la vie.

Glad you’re back home.

Staggering the nurse agreed. Not my experience when I was hospitalized. I was reprimanded for not eating pancakes & sandwiches. Great diet for someone recovering from DKA. Hey, at least you had an egg! Hospital where I was had food trucked in. It was made in a commisary elsewhere & microwaved. Breakfast was pancakes or French toast. Diabetic patients got sugar-free fake maple syrup–lol.

Clara usually doesn’t eat above 35 for a meal and typically in the 20s, but on T’giving she had 44 carbs. I think it was the roll and her great-grandmother’s cranberry sauce that pushed her up. There were lots of veggies choices including brussels sprouts, acorn squash, mashed cauliflower, green peas (carbs there).

Grandma made pumpkin pie with a pecan crust and Splenda in the pumpkin for 9 carbs a slice. Clara enjoyed it, but I thought it tasted Splenda-y.

I stuck to the diet but gave twice the normal insulin and hit it right on! Which tells you that the diet on thanksgiving is fraught with double carbs! lol

I made low carb stuffing, cranberries with splenda, soup, and pumpkin pie (sugar free / almond crust). The first meal was great, then I went to my sisters house and had some green bean casserole, and a single cut of sweet potato. I hit 160 from it. I did come back down instantly which was good. Needless to say, my leftovers will all be low carb.

Took it easy that day, as we had 2 families to visit. BGs for the average was 140 and that was not bad for what I ate. Spent the rest of the holiday weekend up north in Ohio and really did good. Took my low carb. snacks and enjoyed.

My daughter is on low carb. and cooks low carb. so meals and snacks were a breezy. Plus there was plenty of activity for me to work of what I needed to after my grand daughter’s 5th Birthday Party. My downfall will be at the end of December and laying off the Eggnog. Any good recipes for Christmas festivities.


Im keeping my eyes peeled for a good egg nog recipe. I really love that stuff.

At least that’s easy to make low carb. Here’s one recipe.

•6 eggs

•4 cups milk or unsweetened almond milk

•2 cups heavy cream

•½ cup sugar substitute, or to taste (liquid preferred)

•¼ cup brandy

•¼ cup rum or bourbon


I’d only use super fresh free range eggs.

Easy Method: Put all the ingredients into a blender. Sprinkle with nutmeg

Traditional Method: Separate the eggs, beat the yolks until light, and the whites until they form soft peaks. If you want a ighter texture, whip the cream as well & fold in gently.

Hi All,

Left recipe for Vanilla Spritz Cookies with only 5g Carbs. Recipes makes a lot, but dough can be separate to use as needed. Great for gift giving. Hope you try it.


Left on Recipe Exchange Group

Thanks I needed this one, only the Egg Nogg