What's your strategy

The Thanksgiving feast is almost upon us. I suspect some will experience higher BG that usual. So what is you plan to avoid this problem.

For me I plan to choose my indulgences wisely. I'm sure I will put in a few extra mile on the walking trail. And yes I do plan to experience a piece of pie along the way. I suspect I will be depending heavily on the carb counting app on my smart phone to keep thing under control.

Most importantly I will be giving thanks for the blessings in my life because even with D in my life I have a lot to be thankful for.


I'm looking forward to turkey breast and gravy with a side of green bean caserole. Relatively low carbs compared to mashed potatos, stuffing etc...
I will probably get weak and have a piece of apple cobbler which will mean an extra bolus.
I swear everytime I visit this site I end up getting hungry........
Happy T-Day..

Sounds like you have it in hand, Gary. My own strategy would not work for anyone: I decided to ignore the whole thing! I don't eat turkey, the rest of the food is too high carb for my liking and I abhor football, so why bother? What I'm doing instead is sending an e-mail to my important friends and family members and telling them what I appreciate about them. Everyone seems surprised and happy with that.

I think the key is to have a plan, not to just go in blindly, or bolus for a "healthy D meal" and then indulge in other high carb things and end up crazy high. I think whatever each person decides to eat or not eat is individual and they can plan ahead of time for things like: dealing with pressure from people to eat things you don't want to eat, dealing with temptation to eat things you don't want to, deciding if you should bring some things of your own to ensure you have foods you feel good about, researching some carb counts ahead of time, or, like Gary says, having an app to do so, dealing with the D police, etc. And of course, test, test, test.

But most of all, Gary said it well, it's all about being thankful for what we have which is easy to forget when dealing with our 24/7 D.

By the way I was at a local mini-D conference locally a couple weeks ago and one wife of a PWD referred to his "affliction" - I cringed!

Oh the other thing I don't think worth celebrating is the Pilgrims and the Indians, I mean come on, it was genocide!

Ok, I'm ranting. Happy Thanksgiving all. I'm grateful for each and every one of you on TuD.

Ignoring the feast is not ignoring the day. It sounds like you also have a good plan because it's not just about food. It's about friends and family and giving thanks.


I'm running the Turkey Trot at 8:00 AM, only 5K but I've been trying to run faster. The weather may not cooperate for a fast race though, as it was extremely foggy, along with super clammy this AM, very weird air. It may not matter at all and may be sort of fun but I dunno how the traffic would play out. It's sort of a coin flip as to what sort of run I'll have. I feel pretty good but pump is winding out of juice, etc. so it's always interesting getting BG in line w/ pre-race bouncing off the walls, etc. I'll be happy with a good time but happier if I get a **really** good time!

Foodwise, my strategy is to bolus for each round through the appetizers, so I don't get behind me. This leaves me a bit "stacked" for dinner, which leaves room for dessert in decent BG shape. I'm working Friday though, which won't be too much fun.

I agree about not celebrating the long-term consequences for Native Americans.

I'll keep breakfast and lunch as usual. Dinner will be, well Thanksgiving dinner with an extra side of Novo. I've yet to give my new G4 a real stress test but that should come tomorrow....

im going to madrid to spend our spanish thanksgiving (saturday) with some ex-pat friends. were all making something and our hostess is making the turkey legs. im making something low carb (the quiche-ish cauliflower thing from here, actually-thanks) in hopes of controlling myself with stuffing and mash. i will try to have just a bit of that so i can have the sweet stuff at the end, as thats what i live for.
i was diagnosed thanksgiving day last year, so i expect this thanksgiving to be way better than last. oh, and i plan to use wine to help along the novorapid. a lot of it!!
thankful for everything except my stupid immune system!
have a great day!!

I'm just going to enjoy my family and my life, there are only about 4 times a year I'm faced with this type of food extravaganza , Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. and sometimes my birthday. I have no plans to ignore anything, and just about any food item that catches my fancy will probably end up on my plate. I have survived 59 Thanksgivings no problem, I did have a birthday one year that I narrowly escaped the ER with DK but it's still a birthday I will never forget, and one year a uncle had a heart attack during one of our Thanksgiving dinners. we stopped and about half the family went to the hospital for support, and the other half stayed home with the kids, later everyone came back and said uncle T was fine, my Mom and Aunts warmed everything up, we gave thanks and finished our dinner.

Thanksgiving was about giving Thanks' to God, our family's, our friends, charity, it was revival for conformation of friendship, hop, and faith.....

What I experience on Thanksgiving is a extra helping of love and family....it's not about my BG I have the rest of my life to deal with it....even the black sheep in my family get a few hugs on days like this...;-)

God bless......Hugs for everyone have a good holiday.....

Thanksgiving is always a big deal in my family. We have an awesome meal, but my mom does a great job preparing foods with me in mind. I know the carb count of just about everything she makes at this point. The one thing I'm bad about is being unable to gauge just how much I plan to eat. I do bite bolusing along with some square wave bolusing, and this always works best for me. I also avoid bread and stuffing, because those just wreak havoc on my BGs. Did pretty good this year; high was 200, but finished the evening at a beautiful 108! Could NEVER do that on MDI!! So, yeah, I'm pretty darn thankful for my pump :-)