My Diabetes Educator told me to enjoy myself on Thanksgiving. She doesn’t know me that well because that’s a license to eat every carb that I see. I am going to eat small amounts but I know my carbs will be way over my meal plan. What do other people do? Should I take extra Insulin?

Kathleen, here is a discussion we had about it a few weeks ago. I also imbedded a link in my comment to last year’s Thanksgiving talk. Here are some low carb appetizers I make a lot. My non-d friends appreciate them, too.

Thanks Marie.

Hey Fellow Type 1 Sacramentan,

Definitely take extra insulin if you eat extra carbs. Don’t forget, though, with extra protein & fat, it may take the carbs longer to peak. So, keep something (without fat) to raise your sugar quickly, in case you overdose on insulin. Just know that your blood sugar will be abnormal with this abnormal meal. I actually did a lot of the work preparing Thanksgiving dinner, so I made sure I had someone watching to make sure I was okay, because my blood sugar drops with the stress and heat of working in the kitchen trying not to overcook a turkey. = )

We did my family’s Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago (so we could have Thanksgiving gatherings with each family). I usually eat what I want for Thanksgiving, guess on the carbs, and then check my blood sugar every hour from 2 hours to 6 (or sometimes 8) hours after the meal. All that protein and fat makes it much trickier than what I usually eat.

Obviously we don’t want to splurge too frequently, but a few times a year, I say “enjoy it”, but it is mandatory to be attentive to yourself (blood sugars) for the rest of the day.

My nutritionist told me the SAME thing. I’ll take this as confirmation and warm my fork up now!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll be poking and sticking myself like a madwoman! It will be worth it though.