Are you trying to get pregnant? Introduce yourself!

This is a group for diabetics who are considering, have embarked on or want to share their stories about the wonderful, and frustrating journey to becoming pregnant! Tighter control then ever ahhh!!

I am beginning the journey of pre conception planning… I wanted to see what others are doing, have done and plan to do during pregnancy.

I will also share what I learn here with you!

New Book coming out - Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby - By: Cheryl Alkon - $12.78 due out in April it is supposed to be a good resource!!

Thanks for the recommendation for my book, Gina!

It’ll be out April 1, and you’ll receive it soonest if you order straight from the publisher:

Use the discount code SWEET and you should get 15 percent off.

Looking forward to hearing what people think of it!


Twenty weeks pregnant today - Type 1 for 27 years. I waited till I was 38 to try getting pregnant, will be 39.5 when the baby is born this July. Things are going well - I do wish I tried this earlier in life, but I was not ready. Diabetes control is going pretty good, although I don’t understand how people keep their A1C under 6.0. Mine is 6.3 right now and I am ok with that. Doing my best to eat well and checking blood sugars constantly!!!

So excited for you Donna! Glad to hear that you decided to take the journey and things are going well! Keep us up to date! I have a pre conception meeting on the 11th, I’m nervous about the whole journey but we are going to take it slow…

Thanks for the tip CHERYL! It is exciting to hear from the author!! I have been reading anything I can get my hands on in terms of diabetes and pregnancy, I like to be proactive. I pre-ordered it from Amazon a few months ago but maybe I will order it from the publisher! I will also let the nurse educators I know know that it’s a coming. I will be sure to post my thoughts once I get to read it :slight_smile: What inspired you to write this book?

Hi Gina,

Well, like just about every woman with type 1 diabetes, when I first thought about trying to conceive five years ago, I was not impressed with the books that were out there on the subject, and I wanted a “Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy With Type 1 Diabetes.” And while there were a handful of blogs and other sites about the subject back then (I recommend the boards on, by the way), I wanted a paper book that would be easy to read and access the information I wanted right away, from reliable sources.

I’m also a longtime writer and researcher, and the more I thought about the project, the more I wanted to do it. It’s been a long process, and things have been tweaked along the way–the new book includes information for and insight from type 2 women as well. But it’s coming, and from the feedback I get, people are excited to have specific details about how to handle pre-existing diabetes and pregnancy. I’m looking forward to reading people’s comments and reviews of the book.

Good luck with the whole process of preconception and pregnancy! It’s a ton of work, but it’s definitely do-able.


Hi All!

I just wanted to make sure you know about our group called Oh Baby! (click here). We have 233 members – many who have already been pregnant and can give great advice! Please join there as well!

Wow!! I did not know about OH Baby! I will check it out and join! Thanks for passing the info along.

Cheryl -

I agree I have scoured Amazon for books and resources and a lot of what I have come across are awful. I am so excited to read something “real” Best of luck with the book!


I’ve found the CGM (Freestyle Navigator) to really really help in lowering my A1C. I can see trends that I never knew existed before. I’ve dropped from 8.4 to 7.0 and waiting on the next 3 month test results due today… fingers crossed.

Got my 3 month A1C results back today down from a 7.0 to a 6.8 moving along, moving along!! See the endo doc on Friday, we will see what he says.

The gyno wants me to go for genetic testing – anyone do that?

Hi Gina–I did genetic testing. It’s a bunch of bloodwork that shows if you are at increased risk for particular diseases like Tay Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. My husband and I weren’t at increased risk, so it was really just to rule things out. If you do find you or your partner are at increased risk, you’ll get counseling to determine the specifics. Good luck!

What are docs recommending your A1C be down to in order to get pregnant? around 6?

My doctor wants the A1c under 6.5 before trying to conceive. She says that will usually lead to an under 6 A1c during pregnancy.

Just in-- 6.0% !!! I’m so pleased. If your interested, read about here

I’ve just been installed on a pump. I really want to get pregnant asap! Any advice on how to get my A1C down asap is appreciated! I’m being really careful with my diet, checking BG before meals and an hour after. My biggest issue will be how stressful my job as a teacher can get-but I can already see a huge improvement in BG levels with my new pump!

i just got married in dec. my husband is in the army and we are 24 but dont plan to have kids until we’re 27 or 28. i talked to my endo about it and he recommended i get on the pump. ive been on shots for 5 years now. heard good and bad things about the pump but if it will help regulate me more so im able to conceive then by all means i would choose the pump. any suggestions on what has worked for yall?