Diabetes and Infertility?

Hello everyone… I’ve been browsing and wondering if anyone has experience with a combination of diabetes and IVF/infertility issues. My husband and I have been TTC for a few years now, and I actually got my diabetes diagnosis as a result of a pre-IVF screening. So, for now, the baby plans are on hold while I get this under control. I want to get my A1C as low as possible so that, ideally, we can resume the IVF plans in April or May.

We have several members here who can share their successful IVF stories.

In the meantime, I highly suggest checking out Cheryl’s blog at Managing the Sweetness Within. Her book, Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes, has a whole appendix dedicated to Diabetes and Infertility. Really helped me to read about her experiences.

Thanks for the info! I’m reading her blog right now.

Hey there, I’m going through the rigours of it all at the moment, next step for me is Super Ovulation (the stimms bit without the IVF) though when they’ll pull their fingers out and get on with it is another matter. Hope you can get on track with it all really soon x

Thanks! Good luck w/ everything for you! It’s amazing how slow the process is - we’ve been dealing with my husband’s stuff for nearly 2 years now, and only in the last few months were we able to get his doc to give us the referral we needed for the IVF consult…and then the D-word.

I second the recommendation for the book Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes. I got the book last summer and read the section on Infertility first. It is very informative and helped to know that IVF with diabetes can be done. We went through IVF in July/August and baby is due in 8 weeks. Some of the hormone treatments did cause higher blood sugars for me, but it can definitely be managed, especially with a pump and the supervision of your endocrinologist.

Good luck!

WOOOHOO! I had an appointment with my endo today, and I got the go ahead for IVF, complete with a note saying that my diabetes is well-controlled to take to the fertility docs. I was floored when they told me to go for it now, when I was thinking my April/May date was hopeful. One month into living with diabetes, and I’ve gotten my first serious good news!

Great news! How are your blood sugars now?