Article titled "Why No Sleek Testing Devices?"

It’s funny because when I was watching the Apple Event, I was wondering where the diabetes tech is at from other companies.,0,4074780.story

Link to article above.
Article says biggest hurdle is FDA.
The link is to the Chicago Tribune article dated October 22 2010

I want something art deco and with lots of chrome.


Even better, I want something Steampunk. Imagine if this was your insulin pump and you had to go through airport security:

Oh, Tim, you just ain’t right. :slight_smile: Is that an insulin pump from “Metropolis”?

Count me in for an art deco meter. I want one that looks like one of those sleek, thin sterling silver deco cigarette cases.

Actually, I’d prefer meters have greatly accuracy than care how they look.

I’d wear that outfit, but what under his hat?..more supplies or extra insulin?

I want one the size of an iPod nano (last years version). I want the storage pouch to fit comfortably in a front pocket. the tech is there, has been for years.

I want the new nano with an actual touch screen! I know that’s asking for too much.

That’s the power supply. It’s not easy to carry a combustion engine on-board.

How. about this ? A little nano ipad, a l bit bigger for those of us who are farsighted and middle aged forgetful,paired with 1) a slim flat tubeless pump, 2) and integrated Glucometer/PDM/CGMS and 3)a little belt holster or cell phone like clip on holster to keep it at hand at all times… Is the technology not there to make all of components together In just those two( three if you count the holster) devices.? I was recently emailed a questionnaire from Medtronics asking for what diabetics needed/wanted in their pumps and diabetes management systems. I filled out the 45- minute survey and made comments that I would like a device like the one I have just described. I am supposed ot get a chance to get a pretty litttle decorated skin for my 522 for taking part!!! whoo hoo… guess the big diabetic suppliers are listening? We pump users are comparatively few in this nation and around the world… Is there enough of a profit margin for them to want invest in a more ameneable, practical, easy to use system ? they would have to advertise and educate doctors, medical staff as well as the pump using public …, And we are very small in relative numbers…, These are things that make you say HMMMMMM

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type one 42 years

Funny the other day I was looking at my Droid and thinking “hmm cell phone and glucometer niche market but how hard would it be to make one these days”