"Artificial Sweeteners"

My Diabetes is getting better and better by the day, the doctor is amazed at the change. I don't use the pill treatments as they can be worse than the diabetes and are not good for the liver either. However, my insulin usage has been falling and I am now using 90% less than I was 4 months ago, NO JOKE! How did this happen ..., I am pretty certain of the cause, as real mechanics we look at things as cause and effect. I started thinking one day and thought about the artificial sweeteners, diet soda, diet ice tea and noticed that food and/or products that taste sweet but have no sugar in them are in-fact loaded full of chemicals (Including Yogurt). So I decided that I would not consume anything that contained any artificial sweeteners and man-o-man that stuff is in all prepared food including most tomato sauces, you really have to look.

I noticed over the next few weeks that I was not craving foods, fries, chips and carbs at all. Then I noticed that I never became super hungry anymore either. And the weight loss was and is amazing, 30 lbs lost with very little effort. I no longer need any diuretics and blood glucose spikes are almost gone too. My doctor agreed that this is amazing and also he agreed that all artificial sweeteners are poison, and of course he won't put that in writing because the crap is in all processed foods and prepared foods as it is cheaper than sugar and (he does not want to be sued), so there it is my friend.

The obesity issue, with exception of some people, is compounded by the "I want it now" generation eating all that fast food (processed) diet drinks and regular foods. Your body does not know what chemicals are and tries to process them, in the mean time your body stores the other stuff we ate and turns that into fat. Yet we are still hungry because our metabolism never got the message as the nerves and brain are in-fact suppressed be these same sweeteners that were introduced to us starting in 1976.

The "Withdrawals" yes . . . there is one heck of a system backlash!

These chemicals "Artificial Sweeteners" build-up in our bodies to a point where they cause damage. Pain, Swelling, Respiratory, Joint, Muscle Spasms, Nervous System, Memory, Cardiac and even invokes Diabetes.

However, when you stop the intake of these "Artificial Sweeteners" there is a price to pay or a physical cost and that is the withdrawal symptoms:

Sweats, Hot Flashes, Tremors, Blood Pressure, Low blood sugar, flu-like symptoms and even confusion. After a few weeks this begins to pass and every week there after it gets better and better. You can workout and sweat this stuff out of your system too which the easiest way to speed up the elimination.

After about four months you will feel totally different, you will feel younger and move faster too. However, the blood pressure needs to be watched as it can spike as mind has and is just now coming back in a decent range. During this entire period the weight just falls right off. As the fat is burned, you may have a few issues where some of the "Artificial Sweeteners" have been hiding but every week it gets better and better.

I am convinced, (unlike the Mayor of New York) that these "Artificial Sweeteners" are the culprit of Obesity as they keep you thirsty and hungry and when someone uses sugar and then uses "Artificial Sweeteners" to offset their sugar intake, the effects are doubled. These "Artificial Sweeteners" are in so many canned goods, packaged meals, fast food and prepared foods that are also loaded with nitrates and salts, that is becomes a major issue very quickly.

If you show me a person that drink the 32 oz sodas and soft drinks, then I can show that there cupboards, refrigerator and freezers are loaded with foods that they thought were good for them but are in-fact loaded with these and other chemicals.

Case in point:

My wife is watching me lose weight and is very happy. Soon she started to get mad as she was not losing weight and was in-fact still gaining some as well. I asked what the heck she was eating, she replied not much, two eggs & toast in the morning, she packs her lunch with a small sandwich, yogurt and some fresh fruit, her dinner is prepared by me and eaten moderately. After dinner she may have a snack as in another yogurt or a brownie. So none of this sounds too bad but she is still mad and can't figure out why her weight keeps going up or won't move.

After putting up with this for a few weeks, I finally said you are eating something that is causing this and she said, no I am not, I eat less than you. I calmly told her to go and get a yogurt (brand name), then to get her glasses. I asked her to read everything out loud that was on the label and she did so with some resentment. When she was done reading and giving me a stare, I asked her if she heard the word "sugar', she looked again and said "NO", then said why? I asked her if that yogurt was sweet and she said "Yes". Then I had here do the same with her brownies and the mixes for cakes and brownie like products. She said see there is no sugar in these and I said "EXACTLY" and she said that does not make sense. I said it makes perfect sense, if the product is sweet and does not have the word "sugar" in the ingredients or a carbohydrate count from sugars then you are in-fact ingesting "Artificial Sweeteners" chemicals.

So she eats plain yogurt now, adds her own fruit and 1 tsp of sugar. If she want brownies we make them from scratch with real sugar ( your body knows what to do with sugar). The results are amazing, it has been 3 weeks now and she has lost 7 lbs! She has some withdrawal issues but, not too bad and more energy to boot.

She is much happier and has now realized what happened to me was happening to her and the food processors are all about the bottom line and even more so now with corn and sugar prices being pumped up by the ethanol business.

Best of Luck and pass the word!