Having troubles with A1c, weight gain and high insulin usage?

I have not been on in while but I have discovered a few things the might help others.
Artificial Sweeteners are just plain poisons. Sugar is sugar, don't assume it is sugar unless in really is sugar. When in doubt throw it out and here is why!

I tried everything and nothing made difference, so I decide to try another approach.

I gave up all pre-packaged food and prepared food (all) Next I gave up any that the said "diet". Then I got smarter, if it tasted sweet and did not say the work sugar, then I did not eat it or drink it.

I was not prepared for the withdrawal effect but it was worth it. I have lost nearly 30lbs, my A1c in normal and I am using only 10% of the the insulin that I had been using so 400u is now 40u, NO KIDDING. I no longer need any diuretics for the insulin edema which was previously reduced by switching to Apedria from Humalog.

My wife saw this change and was inspired too. She lost all cravings for carbs and now only eats when she needs to and not wants to, there is difference. She has lost 8 lbs in a few short weeks without any diet plan either.

I had to share this because it will save your life. God Bless and Good Luck to All!

u are right and fatfree and sugar free pudding are loaded with carbs i stopped that too i use real sugar half a teaspoon or less in the coffee sometimes none and that has worked to keep them #S lowwww

i always use real sugar now... no more Artificial Sweeteners i make all my meals fresh if needed i may freeze some for later always feel better for it.