Artificial Sweetenrs common effects

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I downloaded this information from a known diabetes website here in my country. I am totally reluctant to use those sweeteners. I need your comments especially those who are using it nowadays. Please see attached file.

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7033-ArtificialSweeteners1.pdf (84.2 KB)

Every artificial sweeteners will have some side effect but it has nothing to do with them being artificial. These products have been tested to be safe for general use by most people. Some people will have a reaction. Just like some people will have a reaction to peanuts, milk, eggs or gluten.

Have you tried using stevia? Well, although a naturally sweetner it does have issues.

I’m not too concerned. Worth noting was that with sacharine’s famous scare about causing cancer in rats does not translate to humans (according to the link provided). Many folks I’ve talked with about artificial sweeteners often cite the same complaint: getting the trots if they use too much. As with everything else in life, moderation is a good thing.

I agree with Khurt and Tom, Ruel. Every artificial sweetener will have some sort of side effects. Effects will vary depending on amount, frequency of use and the person using it. Personally, I dont mind using Sucralose (Splenda) or Equal when baking. I also sometimes drink diet sodas (aspartame). So far, I have not had or experienced any significant negative side effects (yet). Fact is anything in excess is not favorable.
Oh yes, stevia. its a natural sweetener. Although in some countries its not that popular yet nor manufactured in mass quantities. My issue with it? It only takes so little to sweeten coffee or tea…but (personally) I find it has a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

You may want to try a product called WheyLow. It’s the only one I use. It is not too sweet, there is no aftertaste. People that do not know you used it cannot tell it is a sweetner. If you bake it is a one to one substitution and it comes in regular sugar, brown sugar, and powdered sugar.

I switched to stevia based Truvia but still keep splenda in the house. The Truvia does have an after taste in large (more than 1 packet) amounts.

I am trying Whey Low. I find it less sweet than the other sweeteners but like the fact that it’s made of low glycemic fruit sugars. It take a lot more than the one teaspoon serving to make my coffee taste “right” though and does not satisfy when I want something sweet.

I never tried stevia, in fact i am still on the process of knowing the right perspective in handling my diabetes. i am a two months old for this condition, my friends told me to be more careful and wise in choosing the food to intake. I tried to get familiar with the glycemic index for the most common food i used to eat.

Thanks for the comment. Be safe and God bless

Thanks Dori, wheylow is really new to me. I will try to find it in the supermarket probably this week. my doctor advised me to avoid sweet products, sugar is one of them. Hopefully this wheylow is available in the market particularly here in mindanao, philippines. the most common artificial sweeteners found here in my place are splenda and equal… perhaps i need to spend enough time to look for it… :slight_smile:

Again thanks Dori, be safe and God bless!

It is in very few supermarkets - I believe there are some of the wholefoods carrying it but not all. I usually order from there website. My family loves my homemade cheesecake and can not tell the difference between one made with sugar and one made with the wheylow. My husband can not handle any of the other sweetners (he says they all have an aftertaste and to him anything with splenda is too sweet) but does not mind the wheylow at all. The cost of the product itself is pretty equivalent to splenda (at least here) except for the shipping so when I order i usually order enough to last for a while.

Unfortunately, Wheylow is not available in the Philippines. When I visit Manila, I usually bring some with me from the States. I also talked to a distributor sometime last year, they distribute to Canada, England, Japan, and Australia :frowning: Apparently, the demand is not sufficient yet. Hopefully they have expanded already though.

Sometimes I also order on line:

Goodluck :slight_smile:

I like stevia except it increases my BG which I find surprising. So does agave syrup which is supposed to be low glycemic. Odd. Perhaps a pinch of unrefined sugar would be better. I’ll compare.

The Whey Low web site does not state anything about it being diabetic safe nor in this discussion either. I’ve sent a msg asking VivaLac but yet to hear back. So say you folks? What’s your glucose like after ingesting Whey Low 2-3 hours later? Also, if found to be safe how does one obtain a sample of say two packets to try. Buying a box then finding I dislike the product is a waste of money - I did that with Stevia.

There is a link regarding diabetes studies on their website. I am not sure if you can get a sample or not. If you would like to message me with your address I would be more than happy to send you a couple of packets.

You may want to try the packets of Sweet Leaf Stevia. It has no aftertaste and is sold in health food stores.

Dori, Thank you for your offer but at this time, I must decline. If Viva Lac cannot bother to respond to my inquiries [plural] why should I bother trying their product? Perhaps you can provide me with your 2-3 hr glucose levels after consuming Whey Low vs, say, after consuming Splenda or Stevia or Tuvia? Anyone?

Sorry you are having such a time contacting the company. I probably will not be making anything with the whey low until Oct when I make a cheesecake for my daughter’s birthday. I don’t use it in my tea and don’t drink coffee. I have never used Stevia and only use splenda when I am drinking a diet soda or prepackeged sugar free items like pudding or something.