As The Washer Turns

I sit here waiting for my clothes, finally able to produce a blog entry in almost a month. I've been so frustrated that I haven't been able to write, due to illness, fatigue, or both. It's so hard to accept my physical limitations.

On National D-Blog Day, I was so excited because it was the first one I was aware of, as a result of my new membership with TuDiabetes. As it turns out, I had an overloaded day at time to blog at all. And of course, I struggled with low bg's all day. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted, all I could do was lay down.

I got up around 10pm, and pulled out my laptop. I couldn't get it together. I was so wiped, I couldn't write one sentence. I kept falling asleep. Before I knew it, it was almost midnight, and I woke up to my better half closing up my laptop and telling me to go to bed. I laid down, pissed. A few days later I was able to add to my blog, and read everyone's posts.

The next time I was frustrated was World Diabetes Day / Big Blue Test. Again, I was so excited to participate. I did test, and I was at work so I was active, then tested again. But again, my day was loaded, my BG was low all day, and I struggled to raise it. I felt awful, ate a bad sandwich, and it was all over. I kept throwing up, and got a migraine. I went straight to bed when a got home. WHAT A F****N DAY!!

Then on Thanksgiving, I was up all day preparing food. I wanted to take my bike for my traditional ride...and I got sick again!!! I took a nap and felt better later, but believe me, this has been the most frustrating month ever!

Hurry up December!


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