Ask Dr. B

Every month, Dr. B has a teleconference call and answers questions from patients. You can register for these calls at The last call was on August 25, sorry I didn’t announce it. For at least another day or two tho you can listen to the broadcast at

Wow, this is great to know about. Thanks so much for posting!

Also sislay,

For a 110 bucks a year you can join his website too. All of the teleconferences are saved for playback. I cant always make the webcasts. :slight_smile:

In addition they are transcribed and you can search the data base for past questions which is really cool. Its like an extra addition of the book.

If you are so inclined.

I am always forgetting to sign up for the telecast, does this site have them regularly? 110 bucks a year doesn’t sound that bad, I may sign up.

The website is kinda creepy Jeff as I found some of the links didnt work that great…

I ended up calling Steve Freed his trusty assistant to get my membership going. I got ahold of Steve over at diabetes 911. He sent me the password and login information. I noted that some of the links didnt work. Just a heads up.

I’ve never joined thebernsteinconnection. Steve Freed has worked with Dr. B for some years and runs his his other site which has a forum as well as publishing I’ve actually asked questions on the teleconference and had Dr. B answer them.

Damn, I missed it again this month. Does anyone have a link to this months recording (September)?