Testing A1C at Home

Is anyone testing their A1C at home? If so, what do you use, and where did you purchase it? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I use the Bayer Home Check Kit. I get my “official” results once every three months but I like to check at home at the halfway point AND the same day I get my blood taken for the doctor’s test. (To check for accuracy) The difference has ranged from .4 - .6. The home kit has always been the lower number for me so I definitely rely on my lab work. Purchased from Target…also available at WalMart and CVS pharmacy.

Ditto. I have used the Bayer at home kit and have found the readings to be a little lower - around .4%. Got mine at Rite-Aid.

Bayor A1c Now every month when there isn’t a MD apt. I purchased it at the pharmacy. It was behind the counter, butin plain site. Two tests per box, about $15 per test. Do read the directions before you open all the packages, as there are several steps, and one thing isn’t supposed to be opened for more than 2 minutes before it’s used.

Thanks everyone! I got the Bayer Home Check Kit tonight at Walgreens. Super easy to use, and the results seemed accurate. I’m hoping that the next time I check, I will be much happier with the results. Thanks again! :slight_smile: