Attitude Toward The Holidays

I have noticed in the last several years that my attitude toward the holiday season is less than enthusiastic. Nothing but carbs everywhere one looks. I find it very frustrating and leads to a great amount of stress for me. Does anyone else feel like this or am I alone here?

Nope you are not alone. Most holiday get togethers are centered around decadent eating which generally I cannot partake in or only sparingly. Yesterday I had to go to my husband’s work holiday gathering. Thankfully it was at a restaurant with a nice brunch buffet so there were plenty of options. Not having been there before or being able to find a menu online to look at beforehand made me a little nervous.

I hate it too.
I couldn’t eat anything at all last Christmas Day due to a set failure (perfect) so had to sit and watch everyone else enjoy a dinner id cooked and not have any. Oh and feel ill as my blood sugar was in the 20s.
This year unlikely to be any better as the only way I can manage my sugars at the moment is to have less than 20g carbs a day. In fact we are going out for dinner this year so at least I won’t have to cook but I haven’t ordered anything for me or paid for a place because I know I won’t be able to have anything.