As we approach the Holidays, Thanksgiving, December celebrations, office parties, year end parties, New Year's celebration, just excuses for get togethers....etc. What are some of your methods for dealing with the all too familiar over abundance of diabetic unfriendly food offerings? I've been managing fairly well for the past few months. As I look at my schedule and calendar, it would appear that this will be a season of "unhealthy" occasions, professionally and socially. Cobb Salads are great,if they were available.

My mantra at this time of year is a study I read that most people achieve that sensual "rush" within the first two bites of yummy food. It's true. Notice how you feel on those 3rd and 4th bites...not nearly as exciting. So just have a bite or two, but first load up on turkey, ham, and veggies so that you're less inclined to overdo it. And savor those bites!

I don't make my celebrating about food and food offerings. I enjoy the people, the party, the holiday, and if there is something good or acceptable for me to eat I eat and if not, I don't. Seasons and holidays should be greeted and enjoyed not stressed over. I am sad that this is always a topic of worry. I would never expect any occasion that I received an invite to accommodate my specific needs.

Good advice.

Thanks, makes sense.