AutoSoft XC returns! But...cap is different!

About two years ago, Tandem could no longer supply the AutoSoft XC infusion sets, so switched everyone to the AutoSoft 90. Some folks didn’t like them, but I had no real problem, so was fine with them.

I recently got a shipment of new sets, and started using them yesterday. Today I took a shower, removing my pump first. Normally I insert the little plug/cap that comes with the sets into the infusion set, to prevent contamination from the water. But the cap would NOT go in! I tried for a minute or so, with no luck. Then I had a flash: had I gotten a pack of XC sets? And could the caps be different?

Sure enough, that’s exactly what had happened. I had tried to use a cap from the former box of “90” sets, and they’re not compatible. A cap from the new “XC” box slipped right in.

So if a cap doesn’t seem to want to insert, and if you just got a new box of infusion sets, check what type they are! Those of you who keep track of things better than I do (wouldn’t be hard…) may already know all about this, but I figure if I was ignorant, at least some others might be too!



The caps/connector is the key difference between XC and 90s. For some, like me, the XC connector is much easier to connect. There was no change made to the XCs during mfg issues.

I received 6 months of auto 90s during mfg issues, and was able to exchange them back to Tandem for XCs. Very glad they are back with the same easier to use connector. My first XC shipment in 2020 had same connector as current.


Another option that I do is to take tubing from used XC set, and cut off the connector part, with a 2-3 inch tail. Then use this instead of the “cap” that comes in the box. Easier to grasp for me.


I must have just been lucky because I never had an issue getting the XCs. The only thing that did happen was that they no longer had the colored ones so had to go to gray. I prefer the smaller profile of the XC, but I personally felt that the 90s were easier to reclip and I could clip back in without looking. The XCs I almost always have to look at it to get it snapped in.

Why are you using the caps? I have never used them and haven’t had any problems. Just might save you a headache to go without :wink: