Tandem autosoft infusion sets

I just received a notice from Edgepark that it was time to reorder my pump supplies. When I logged in, there was a notice that autosoft 90 infusion sets were not available. I currently use 9mm, 23 inch autosoft 90 infusion sets. I did notice in their inventory that there was a similar product but 6mm instead of 9mm. Is this a global issue or just an Edgepark issue? Has anyone else had this issue? Also 6mm ones are available in blue or pink—really? As a retired pediatric specialist, blue and pink means boy or girl. Are the 6mm ones supposed to be superior to 9mm length?

Younger folks and average weight adults tend to do well with 6mm. More fatty areas may need the 9mm. Your endo may be able to advise what’s best for you.

You could also some of both, especially if allowed to get 3 month supply.

Tandem sent me free samples when I started, to see what worked best. I like the XC better than Autosoft 90, but they are similar.

I use 6mm sets. I figure use the shorter ones while I can. If I ever develop a lot of scar tissue, then I can move up to the 9mm sets and poke right through it to fresh flesh.

I highly recommend you take advantage of the shortage to try the Autosoft XCs instead. They come in the same inserter, with the same color/cannula/tubing options, but the connection between tubing and patch is different, and much easier to connect/disconnect.

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Try the XC they are 1000% better than the 90’s.

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Thank you so much. I will switch to Autosoft XCs.



Thank you so much. I will switch to XC product.


I tried but couldn’t even order XC. Only 90 available. Maybe because it’s Canada?

@MBW you might need to call your supplier since it’s not something you normally order it might not be listed on your profile. It also depends on how your doctor write your prescription, at least here in the US. In the US if the doctor marks it patient preference then the patient can order whatever they dang well please for infusion sets, if the doctor delineates exactly what they can order then the patient is limited specifically to what the doctor lists.

Thank you. I have been getting these supplies from Edgepark for 6 years. However I get my Dexcom supplies from US Med. I like US Med much better so I am going to take this opportunity to switch everything to them. I will be sure to get the order written the best way.


I am with Edgepark in US and have no choice of suppliers. About to switch to Tandem and viewed youtube all weekend. Preference seems to be XC even though smaller grip. I have minimal grip strength and small fingers so this could be an interesting thing if the the supplies keep alternating between 90 and XC. I saw one quite strong looking young person show how difficult it was to detach the 90 for showers.

I ended up with Edgepark before I had a choice and for the most part it has been okay. I have used autosoft 90 from the beginning—no complaints and have found it easy to use and detach.


Call Tandem and ask for samples to compare.

I get my supplies from Byram. About 6 months ago they told me the XCs were on backorder and switched me to autosoft 90s. I must admit, there hasn’t been much difference. I just find the 90s are a lot more difficult to disconnect from than the XCs. I need to call on my next order and see if I can go back to the XCs. Forgot to ask on the last order I just got.

I also like XCs better, and my supplier CCS Medical has XC for my next shipment.
I was able to return Auto 90s to Tandem, and they exchanged for XCs. CCS Medical said they only exchange within 30 days of shipment, but i had 90 day supply.

After so many of you mentioned difficulty disconnecting with 90s, I decided to watch a you tube video about it. I must admit I could not disconnect mine with their instructions. I have never had trouble disconnecting during the last 6 years. I would be interested in how you do it to compare to what I do. I think I can explain how I do it, but let me hear from you first.


@JVG I also had this experience. I called and learned that if you are fine with Pink or Blue, they still have the AutoSoft 90 sets in stock. – You got the notice because there is a new version of this same infusion set with the name: AutoSoft XC Infusion Set, 9 mm Cannula, 23" Tubing, (I always get Grey). – The name is the only difference I can tell; the infusion sets appear identical. – Like I said, if you are fine with Pink or Blue (they are out of Grey) then you can probably get the AutoSoft 90 set. I have been using my AutoSoft XC and like it very much!

Thanks. I have now used both and agree that XC is better. However, I am really okay with either and I have an ample supply of both right now.


The autosoft 90 and autosoft XC are similar, but NOT identical. The key difference is in the connection and disconnect step that is easier to grasp on XC.

I still find it interesting that people find the XCs significantly easier to remove. In my experience the 90 was easy to remove with one hand for me, and significantly easier to reconnect one handed. Using the 90s I could reconnect blindly with one hand, which was a real help at work since I have to take it on and off for security screening. The XC I pretty much always have to be able to see the site and even then it can take a few tried before it goes in correctly. I use the XC because it has a smaller connector/port footprint so it doesn’t get rubbed as easily and also because the 90s always seem to go out of stock.