Avastin Injection Worked for a few weeks?


My poor eye. I just started driving again after six months. Had a bleed in November, numerous laser sessions and one Avastin injection. Today the stupid thing went on me again. I mean I just started driving about a week ago. This is just awful. Maybe I made the mistake of not having at least two injections done? But everything was really healed up after the first one so…I dont know…

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So sorry to read this Laura.


Avastin only stays in your eye for four to six weeks. After that the effects of the medication begin to wear off and blood vessels can begin to grow again. It could be that you will need Avastin injections on a regular basis. I do. Get them three to four times a year and have been doing so for nearly a decade. They work quite well to keep your eyes in control when you get on a regular schedule with them.


So sorry to hear that. That is really rotten to have a problem so quickly again.

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OH, I didnt know that! My problem is, I cannot see for up to six months after every bleed. I just started driving again and was telling my hubby how happy I was and blammo…:frowning:


It can take a long time for your eye to clear out after a big bleed. The longest I have waited was two months after a really big bleed.

Have you had any lasering yet? That might help reduce the likelihood of big ones. I have had everything done to my eyes but I still tend to get bleeds every now and then. They aren’t bad luckily for me.

The injections aren’t fun but they do work. See if your dr will do them every two months for you.


Also, vitrectomy surgery can help. The dr removes your vitreous gel and replaces it with saline which is a much thinner liquid. Eye bleeds tend to clear out quickly and completely. You might reduce your time with blood in your eye from months down to a few weeks. Vitrectomy is a pretty major procedure though. I have gone through it twice.


This last one took six months. Hubby was diagnosed with a tumor behind his eye at the same time. It’s been a real challenge. Trying to avoid vitrectomy. This was however the first time laser did not help me. In the past it always worked. Not this time, and not numerous sessions of it.


Bummer, I’m sorry about that. What a pain in the butt.


She will see me in two weeks for possible injection. Hopes I will not need them all the time, and hopeful this is just temporary. I need my eye back! Both of us are trying to find some sources of income and I cannot see well enough to pursue much.

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Ok. Best of luck. I hope it all goes well.

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I find it’s variable how often I need Avastin injections—for me the right interval is about 4 months, but when I wait too long, I usually only get a very minor bleed that clears enough quickly so that my vision is functionally restored (even if there are traces of blood left that I can see in some moments). If I were still having bad bleeds (which I did at the very beginning of my misadventures with all of this), I’d probably be doing the injections on a much more rigid and frequent schedule until those stopped, because they are indeed very disruptive.

Also, personally, I would take regular Avastin injections over more laser for sure—laser destroys parts of the peripheral visual field every time you do it, so over time, that can be a limiting factor in vision as well (I found from just a a few rounds that my night vision, which is located in the periphery, isn’t what it used to be).


Oh I know. I cannot see people like in the grocery store when they are standing right next to me. Both eyes had laser and so it happens on both sides.


I’m so sorry, Laura. I too have struggled with bad retinopathy. Losing vision is so scary. I hope you get the help you need! I had vitrectomies in each eye, then needed cataract surgeries to clear the lenses. But for awhile now, they’ve settled down. Can see, central vision, pretty well. Still challenged in the aisles of grocery stores, though, lol. People pop out if nowhere! Yea, push for the care you need. Medical care should be easy and free for people like us, I feel. I wish it was. Good luck.


I just won about $400 worth of online art classes. time to get the eyes back in gear! lol. And yes, grocery stores are the worst

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Have you sought out vision loss rehabilitation services? It sounds like you may really be able to benefit from them. Contrary to popular belief, they are not only for people who are legally blind. Although, depending on where you live, there may be varying eligibility criteria.

I hope your vision improves with treatment.

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I’m trying to figure all of that kind of thing out. My husband didnt really qualify for funds from the lymphoma society because he is covered by Medicaid. But he isnt focusing on our small business too well right now. He’s pretty worn out from radiation. I’m used to working for our business, but we dont qualify for disability because, we own a business (cant afford to hire anyone but we own it so it knocks us out of the running). Debts and stress are pretty high at the moment. I’m used to work from home jobs and utilize the job boards, but I cannot see the screen well right now so…bleh. I feel stressed out!


I’m so sorry to hear of all the stress you’re going through. It definitely sounds like a very stressful situation.

This is what vision rehabilitation is all about. It’s not so much about getting disability funding, but learning about tools and strategies so that you can still do all the things you need to do on a daily basis, such as seeing the computer screen and working. In all likelihood, the computer or device you’re using has built-in accessibility tools such as magnification and speech output, and vision rehabilitation services would teach you how to use those as well as anything else you are struggling with due to your vision. I’m not totally sure you would be eligible as you mentioned still being able to drive at least sometimes, but most often these services are free, so it might be worth looking into.


Yep. And my CPA, whom I had to let go, always does my taxes on extension in late summer. So I have a bunch of business financial entries I need to do. Yes, I do need to be able to see the screen a little better (even tho I hate doing bookkeeping!).