Macular Edema - Avastin treatment 1 year after

Hello all :slight_smile:

I want to ask you about your experience with DME, the mine, basically i got my first injection of avastin on March '17 and then each month from that on both eyes :frowning: I also get a session of sub-threshold laser and, well my edema is like a roller coster some times the OCT shows the macula dry others totally cyst, my Retinologist says that i will keep my vision if i just keep the avastin shoots ,

any one of you had this treatment more of one year ? more of two?

I have been receiving treatments for retinopathy/macular edema since 2011. I am pretty much at my limit for laser treatments and have been for some time. I received my first injections of Avastin shortly after beginning treatment. I really don’t recall how long these treatments went on. The doctor said they helped, but my condition was so poor at the time I could not tell.

Avastin only lasts a relatively short time. That is why the treatments must be repeated. Once it is gone the swelling can begin again.

A couple of years in I had a vitrectomy in both eyes. They did some work and additional laser. They replaced the vitreous with a saline. Since the saline is much thinner the Avastin will not retain and will only last a few days. I was switched to a different medication after that, but still had regular injections.

I eventually tried a newly approved medication that was supposed to last three years. It worked for about three months. I had to change to another type of steroid altogether. And began monthly treatments in each eye of Ilyea (not sure of spelling). I did this for over a year. Eventually we stretched that out to six weeks than eight weeks. Now I go every three months for this treatment.

I was told by my retinologist the very first time he gave me an injection that these treatments would accelerate the development of cataracts. By the end of 2013 my eyesight had gone from about 20:250 (in the very beginning) to something around 20:600. That was December 2013. By June 2014 it was something around 20:1500. I had the cataracts removed by the end of summer and was startled at how well I could see. Still poorly, but much better than before the cataracts were removed. And, much better than when I first started treatment.

That is my story as of now. I still get the injections, and in fact I have my next appointment in a couple weeks. My eyesight is back to something over 20:225 but overall it is much clearer than it has been from the day I started. It continues to improve ever so slightly.

I don’t know if I really answered your questions, but I do hope that this helps to understand what you are dealing with. I am more than glad to share any information with you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I have been dealing with eye problems since 2010. Have had tons of lasering, vitrctomies in both eyes, cataracts in both eyes, hundreds of injections.

Once you start going down the road of eye problems, there seems to be no end to it. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are lots of different strategies that actually do work to keep your eyes going. Do whatever the dr says. It’s a pain but it’s better than the alternative.

I’ve been dealing with the same since 2012. Went through Avastin for a year or so until it stopped working then moved to Lucentis. Maculas have just recently stabilized to the point that I can get prescription glasses with shots at 11 weeks apart.

At my most recent appointment the doctor said that they are working on a longer lasting version of Lucentis, so in the future I may only need 3 to 4 treatments per year.

I’ve also gone through multiple laser, cataracts and vitrectomy. As another noted, once you go down this road…