Awesome taste from a great low carb snack!

Wow, things have been hectic of late, but I finally got a review up I’ve been planning to do for a couple of weeks. The South Beach Living Chocolate Mint Snack Bar Delights were great!

Is anyone else as impressed with the Kraft South Beach products as I am? It seems like everything they do is just a cut above the other products out there.

I eat a lot of the southbeach meals…I also like the oatmeal raisin cookies…OMG and the peanut butter as well.

I love the South Beach products but find some have lots of sugar alcohols which I found do impact my BS…so in order for me not to get the spike, I have to go by the total carb (-fiber)…not the “net impact” carbs…then I seem to do okay. My fav snack/nutrition bar is the snickers chocolate marathon bar…22g carb /7g fiber/ 10g protien. It’s nice to be able to find it at some gas stations too when I’m out running errands and might want a quick snack.

Hi the Glucholic! I can’t wait to try these, but I will watch my response as others seem to have spiking issue.
I have been making margaritas with the MM sugar fee limeade. Adding fruit and alcohol of course, helps mask the aspartame as well.