"AWWWW, THAT SUCKS HUH?" and "If it were easy EVERYONE would be doing it!"

Sometimes finding myself very sensitive about Sophia's diabetes and her bg control, these two comments had been made to me over the last two weeks and both changed my mood at the time immensely and taught me a little lesson too.

My mom comes to spend a month during the holiday's with us since she lives in another state. My children really enjoy having grandma here to do fun things (and share her bed every night!). It was the end of Sophia's winter break and my son Xander had gone back to school this particular day. It was the last day myself, mom, and Sophia would just spend together. Sophia decided we would have Wendy's for lunch before we picked up my son from school. Sophia had gotten this cute game w/ her meal that was a "musical chairs" game and we were having lots of fun and laughs playing it. A woman sat down at the table next to us with her two daughters and Sophia commented to her that her youngest was cute. The woman went on to say how she and this child almost didn't make it and that the child had lots of problems including difficulty swallowing. Sophia says smiling, and with all the empathy she developed at a young age "that's okay. I have a problem too. I have diabetes". The other mother responded "Awwww, that sucks, huh?" and Sophia immediately formed a frown and you could tell in her face she just didn't know how to respond. I said "no, it doesn't suck. we take good care of her diabetes" all while having envisions of punching her in the nose while saying "no, but this sucks doesn't it?". I don't know why I always think about punching, slapping, hitting someone like this but at least it's in my mind and not for real....... Needless to say, I was very sad the rest of the day that someone would be so thoughtless to a child and make them feel bad/sad about their disease or condition. Sophia and I talked about it later and she said "I really wish I didn't have diabetes but I think they will find a cure one day" and went about her business. Again, lucky to have this child and lesson learned to think before I speak so not to hurt someone with my thoughtless words.

A couple days ago I was venting to my husband regarding Sophia's bg numbers from 10p to 2a. She can be 113 at 9p and 10p she's 203!! Stays in 200's until 2a and even though her basal drops at 2a (going up again at 5a) she still goes down to a normal 80-110 by 6a. I have increased her basal rate from 10p-2a and nothing changes, except this one night when she was 42 at 2a!!!! WTH?? Next night, back to the highs....... Anyway, while talking with my husband about how I just can't figure it out and how frustrated I was he says "well, if it were easy, EVERYONE would be doing it!" and I looked at him and just burst out laughing. How true that is!! I could just imagine everyone sitting around at a restaurant injecting insulin for the novelty, the ease, and the fun of it!!! I chuckled all day thinking of that statement. Btw, still struggling with this 4 hour time frame of highs but lesson learned that it's not easy and just adding a little humor can go a long way!!

Hi Sophie and Sophie's mommy (Lori),
My name is Hilary and this is the first time I've written on TuD. I've been diabetic my whole life and have been on the pump for 20 years now. I truly relate to all the unthinking comments that other's make! Especially the ones that start."Well, you should just....". If it were that easy maybe they'd be doing it too (LOL). One of the things I've had to teach myself (and my patients too) is acceptance and, sometimes, forgiveness. My bg's have been on a roller coaster because I've had a cold - no rhyme nor reason. I do my best. Diabetes is hard because our insulin sensitivities and needs change every day! What we needed yesterday is not what we need today, and won't be what we need tomorrow. How frustrating! I think the best thing we can do is know that we are all trying our best (diabetic, parent, etc) and also know we are not alone. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks HilaryF! You're right about learning acceptance and forgiveness. It's gonna be a long road but I'll get there!!

Sophia's mommy Lori, Sophia is so blessed to have you to help her in this journey. As hard as I think it is to manage my own diabetes, I think it has to be ten times harder to be a parent helping your child manage. As parents if we could just take it away and take it onto ourselves we would in a heartbeat. So know that you're serving as an inspiration for others as you set such a positive mindset for Sophia. P.s. Your picture is adorable!

Thanks! Yes, I think all of us parents would take anything like this away into ourselves in a heartbeat. But, we can't so trying to be positive for her is the best thing we can do (and taking the best care of her diabetes as possible). Btw, I think we've figured out the night time highs. Perfect bg last night after another adjustment so we will see tonight if luck strikes twice in a row!!!