Baby :)

Oh yes, Today is the best day of this week :slight_smile:
I found out this morning that I’m about 6 weeks pregnant!
Although, It was a surprise, I’m excited :smiley:

That is so exciting, congrats.!!!

Congratulations! Best wishes to you!


Oh what a wonderful news! Congratulations!

OOOOOO a baby!! Congratulations sweetie. There is nothing in this world that compares to holding he/she for the first time. Instant LOVE :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Here’s to a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby!

Thanks Cara, Teena and Robyn! I honestly hope it’s an uneventful pregnancy as well. My mom is just as excited as all of you! She did mention she wished I was older, but oh well. :slight_smile: I’m very excited to meet him/her!

congrats. catch up on your sleep and non-cartooon movies now.

Congratulations! And hopefully the ride for the next few months is not too bumpy!

Congratulatons. That is wonderful news.