Growing baby

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to keep you all posted that I’m moving right along in my first pregnancy - I’m almost 21 weeks now. I announced the news to my family this past week and they are very happy to hear the news. The surprise reveal after a day of traveling on planes across the country went very well. My parent’s took us out to dinner when we landed, to celebrate my birthday. After we ate, I gave my mom a belated mother’s day gift. She’s a big reader and is coming to New Zealand with us in the fall after our baby gets here - so I gave her a book to read about New Zealand (called the Bone People, it won the Booker Prize). Inside the book I tucked the photo that I have just posted ‘19 weeks baby girl!’ inside. After just enough time of flipping through the book and wondering if it’s a good read, the photo slipped out onto the table. My parents were very touched and enjoyed the surprise aspect of it.

We found out, as you should be able to gather from the picture title, that we’ll be having a girl! Of course I think it’s great news, but then again, I’d think it was great news if it were going to be a boy too - I’m just counting my blessings everyday that she keeps being healthy. At my last ultrasound, they announced that she is perfect…so I’m really thankful and praying that she stays that way. I’ve been feeling good - although just in the last few weeks I’m starting to have higher blood sugars. I guess this is normal for this stage of the pregnancy. My endo and I have been making adjustments to keep things in balance.

It does seem to be full-time job keeping all the pieces healthy - but I’m so delighted to be growing my little baby bump!


Congratulations. I am not on this site much any more, so this was a wonderful surprise. Jen Hen had a baby last week as did another friend from camp, she is 43 and just had her first baby. Both had boys. Good luck. You will be a great mom, you know lot of songs to sing to babies.