alrighty, so college started back up again- spring semester…hooray? well…i guess its good cause at least i will be able to be on somewhat of a routine now, yay for hopefully stabilizing my ever crazy blood sugars!

this morning i woke up with a Bg of 45!!! omg. i became a ravage animal and tore into my food bin under my bed, im surprised the noise of me ripping open bags of food at 11 am didnt wake my roomate. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, the point of this entry:

sooooo theres this guy (how much do i sound like a girl right now? lol) anyways, I have been talking to him for about a month and we plan on hanging out soon. Catch is, I have yet to tell him im diabetic. now…most social things revolve around food, so ive got this gut feeling he will want to grab a bite to eat somewhere along the way when we hangout/date/etc…so i want to tell him, besides, my pump will probably beep or i will need to test, and i hate running off to the bathroom all the time. Id rather have him know i am diabetic than think i have chronic diahrea. lol. so…my problem is, i have no idea how to tell him. it took my 8 months of dating to be comfortable enough to tell my ex. (trust me, i have NO idea how i hid it for that long!!! omg ) but yeah, im at a lost, and i dont want to a) scare him away, b) have to explain EVERYTHING, or c) have him brush it off.

anyone else have to deal with telling a friend or a partner?

Ah just tell him, most people these days know SOMETHING about diabetes. When I started dating my boyfriend (4 years ago), at first I didn’t mention it. I always had before so I dont know why I didnt that time. But then once I had a sugar low and oops I had to tell him. He was confused about why I hadnt mentioned it, laughed and got me some juice. I think as long as you dont make a huge deal out of it he wont either. Maybe youll even find that 4 years later you’re telling a similar story to mine :wink:

I know when I would go on dates, I would just go about my business like he knew. He would ask “what are you doing? What’s that?” and I would tell him “i’m diabetic”. Then the questions would come, but as annoying as it is to answer them for the 1 millionth time, you have to.

If he leaves you because of that then he is not worth your effort. I know, I know it’s hard to hear and you feel hurt because you invest so much…but in the end you know it’s true.

You have to tell him, what if you have a low and you need help. It is best to inform the people you are going to spend a lot of time with.

I came straight out and told my bf now, I didn’t play my previous game as stated above. And it was a good thing I did, because a few weeks into us dating I had such a severe low at his apartment. I was crying, yelling, and refusing to have anything. He was patient and got me around.

The only time I never told a guy is when I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him again. It won’t be so bad, don’t worry just do it. 8)

When I was dating in college, it as always one of the first things I told everyone. So I guess they’d usually know before we even went on a first date! Heh. That said, I’ve never had any guy take issue with it. Mostly they were curious and found it interesting. A surprising number of them actually knew someone, somewhere who had type 1, so they were familiar with it to some degree.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


My advice to you without looking at the other posts is to become comfortable with your diabetes. If you are comfortable with it, then he will be … when you let him know. Treat it as a matter of fact (which it is) and he won’t make too big a deal of it. If he notices, then you act surprised that he did notice it before. Not playacting on a “Oscar” level, but it’ll give you a chance to accept with nonchalance what is a part of you.

Remember, if you accept it with nonchalance, then he will too. Try to hide it or cover it up, then he will sense there is something wrong with it. Then he will be looking for a way out. Unless he’s an abnormally sensitive and accepting kind!! Remember, hiding something is often considered lying about something. Lying about something is often taken as being wrong.

Armchair psychology … here I come!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I always hid my diabetes until I started REALLY dating a guy. Now that I have the pump, I am so proud of myself that I have even told everyone at work I am a Diabetic. Just answering their questions about Type I is helping me become more comfortable with the condition.

My boyfriend has know I have diabetes since the day I met him. He is the most understanding person I have ever met with regards to my condition. He doesn’t nag, question my decisions, or in any way remind me that I have diabetes. He trusts that I will take care of myself but is glad to know that if something happens to me, I trust him to help out.

If your boyfriend doesn’t accept the diabetes, he is not the right man for you!