Back From Camp!

I got back from My Diabetes Connection Camp yesterday! It wasnt as fun as it was last year, but it was nice. I think it was mostly because my two bestfriends from last year couldnt come, but I made new friends this year.
We went mountain biking, it was amazing! The scenery was beautiful, but we couldnt really enjoy as much as we wanted to, because we had to make sure we didnt fall off the mountain side! As soon as we started biking, it started to pour rain for atleast 15 minutes straight. That made it a unique experience though :slight_smile:
My doctor, he is just like a little kid, no exageration! He slid off the dirt path and me and another girl had to help him and his bike out of the ditch, and once he got out they did a staged photo! After mountain biking we did a high ropes/zip line course.
I was the only person to not do it, because im deathly afraid of heights. The zip line was 398 feet long! The next day we rafted the upper New River in small inflatable 2 person rafts called Duckies.
(This is all in Hico, West Virginia) We rafted in those all day, and stoped for lunch and snack periodically. In the evening we camped out on the river bank and had dinner and a camp fire. The next morning we got our 8 person rafts and rafted the Lower New River. This is usually my favorite part, but this year the rapids werent all that great. The water level was low :frowning:
After that we went back to the NARR base camp, and did a rock climbing wall. I made it probably like…10 feet up? It was 48 feet high. Lol.
The next day, we played paintball, and left WV for the YMCA in Sandusky, Ohio.
When we got there we played in the Gym and Swam for awhile. The next morning we all went to Cedar Point, were i rode no rides, at all :slight_smile:

But overall, it was a fun time, just not as good as last year. :frowning:
I’ll deffinatly be going back next yearr though.
This is all through my doctors Office, (Dr. Horner)
The cost is brought down to about $400, which is alot less than the orginal cost of everything we do. :slight_smile:

That’s neat. When they first discussed diabetes camp with me at the doctor’s i was a little apprehensive because it sounded sort of…well…dorky, but the more i hear about them the more it sounds like a good idea, and I’m considering going to one next summer through National Children’s Hospital in Columbus. I’m assuming you’re from Ohio because of the Cedar Point reference? :slight_smile:

damn i wish i had something like that here…im probably too old for camp though. but it sounds like tons of fun, and especially being around other kids who know exactly what your dealing with. i can just picture everyone whipping out their pens, pumps and syringes at lunch time…lol.