Back of legs for infusion

Anyone try? My front legs work but back not so much. Sides no. What location are you using and any suggestions? Trying to come up with new sites.

Hips and top of butt work great.

Abdomen, top of legs and sides of legs. I occasionally use my forehead but my wife gets cranky when i do that.


I recently had a spike in BG and can’t rule out failed infusion site. (I changed 3 times and lastly opened and used a new vial of insulin, before seeing it come down) I’ve always rotated my site on my stomach and sides, but guess I should start new areas.

I recently saw a thread around here that was rather old, about using the breast for infusion sites. Is that really a viable option?

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It depends on your body.

Would you inject there with a syringe?

I wouldn’t. It would basically go directly into my hamstring if I tried that.

But if you have a little more tissue covering the back of your legs, it might be fine.

Yep, I use the area to the side of the breast where my bra band would sit. The only issue that I found with using that site is it will get overused faster than the abdomen. Otherwise it’s my favorite site.

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I use an Omnipod. My arms don’t seem to work as well, but I use them off and on. But I like to save that area for my Dexcom which works great there. My upper outside legs sometimes seem fine and other times I have slow absorption. But towards the very top of the upper thigh seems to be the best area for upper legs for me. I have a spot on my upper calf I have used, just a little towards the inside near the knee, there is a little cushion of fat there. But it is a very limited area.

I have a tendency to put my Libre on my upper buttocks. (I wear a Dexcom and the Libre is for swimming). I have a bad back and almost always use a heating pad on my back at night so I can’t place a pod there. My abdomen is still my preferred area for pods. Anywhere right under my bra line is great, But it is similar to what @Firenza has said about to the side of the breasts, it gets overused really easy. It can also smart when I first insert it and then it’s fine. I haven’t tried to the side of the breasts yet and that sounds like a great area. I’ll have to try it. @Firenza have you just used to the side of the breasts? Or has anyone tried the actual breasts? Like @HighHopes I am curious about it. I have seen where a few people have posted they have used their breasts for an infusion site and I could swear I remember someone used Omnipods on their actual breasts, Has anyone any knowledge on that area for a postmenopausal woman? I know you would want to make sure you had a good fat layer, pinch an inch type thing.

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Just to the side. I haven’t been brave enough to put an infusion site directly on the breast.

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One time when I was wearing more of a formal dress to a wedding, I used the side of the breast for the Omnipod. It worked fine, but it kind of freaked me out. That’s pretty much the only time I wore it there.

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I’ve considered using the breasts as infusion sites. My concern now is whether it could create any scar tissue that could be viewed on my mammogram and confused with something troublesome.

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I have never tried the back of my leg. Main reason would be metal needle being sat on throughout the day and not a lot of extra skin there. I do use the outside and inner thigh as there unfortunately is extra aft there.(big sigh!)
And I also thought about using my breast but my endo & PCP thought it was best I didn’t due to multiple breast biopsies and very dense breast. But I do know a few women who use their breasts often.
Otherwise, I do use any spot I can pick up enough flesh. Arms (back and underside) thighs (inner and outer), hips and buttocks, stomach (upper, lower and sides as far as I can reach). I have also seen people using their calf. Again whatever works for you and it feels ok.
Been pumping since 1990 and still am doing ok with no absorption problems. I really do try to use different areas.


I´ve used my calves for both Omnipods and Dexcom. Back of calf (a bit to the side to avoid compression lows) for Dexcom worked fine.

JeVonda Flint is known for being creative and using new locations.
This is her:



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