Infusion set sites

I use comfort shorts predominately around my abdomen and love handle area. I’m wondering if there are other places that you’ve had success with that I may not have thought of… my thighs are not a good absorption spot for me. My endo mentioned trying my arms?! Does anyone have luck with this spot? What do you do with the tubing?

Thanks for any and all input!

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I have started using the areas on my lower back (more toward the back-end of the love handles) as well as the upper-part of my butt/arse. Both areas have worked well so far (fingers crossed). Like yourself, I have experienced really poor absorption on my thighs. I was very much hoping the thighs would cooperate as it was both comfortable and accessible. I may try again on the outside of my thighs (only have used inside of thigh so far).

Good luck!

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Hey @tonilynn20 … I can’t use the Comfort shorts (plastic cannula and angle bugger up my skin) … but use the Sure-t or Contact Detach ( … I’ve placed them in my arms (use longer tubes) … my upper breast area (I know ugh … it’s not too often but it’s when I need a break from the norm). I use the outside of my thighs - luckily with no problems. I’m sometimes surprised with the 1/2 century of being a human pin cushion that I’ve not so far developed any dead spots that can occur with injections … but I’m insulin sensitive … so use very little insulin for basal/bolus . Hope this helps.

I use my arms for my tubed sites - I find them quite good. I use the longer tubing and run it up my sleeve and under my shirt – pump is on my belt. Works great for me.

I use just about any stop I can pinch some skin. (Much easier as i’ve aged!) When I used the Teflon cannula infusion sets, I would get kinked sets often when using leg or arm. Not as much fat as mid section. I’ve been using metal infusion sets for awhile now with no problems. Once in awhile I will get a site where there isn’t a lot of fat & it hurts a little or it hurts when I roll over on it but as with most things dealing with diabetes, I just keep plugging along. Not to many areas I haven’t used. Been thinking about calf but problem is no fat just muscle. Not sure how that will go? When rotation is key, any place is up for grabs!

Wow! Thanks everyone for the advice! I really appreciate it. I’ll start experimenting with available real estate :slight_smile:

I’ve used calves with excellent results, albeit a little bleeding sometimes.

I started using my tricep area a few years back and other than being hard to get at when inserting they work well (remember them being a great spot for injection back in the day also). Medtronic has a quickset with 42" tubing, allows it to go up shoulder and down to waistband to reach pump.

Thanks. I’ll give the triceps a try. Any tips on how to reach them. I do not have a degree in acrobatics.

If you can reach across chest and grab back of other arm you should have not problem. Conversely if not you can put back of arm up against the edge of a doorway and use that to push tricep toward other arm and it shortens the distance a bit. Good luck, I had a bad right shoulder for a while and I could not get that arm across for over a year and finally had surgery so back in business on both arms.

Great tip! Thanks you!!!