Back on Symlin - Armed with Pump, Combos, & TAG

Really having a much smoother, more successful run with Symlin now that I’m on the pump and can use the all-important combo bolus.

But even before I started back on SymIin, learning about TAG has been “revolutionary” in my goal of keeping things as smooth as possible. Even with extreme insulin resistance, as a low-carber I couldn’t understand the struggle - I now realize that I wasn’t accounting for the % of my proteins that turned to glucose. I began using TAG and began using the combo for EVERY meal (yep, every meal) with great success.

Now I’ve started back on Symlin to help combat my resistance and both TAG and the pump (combo) are helping me be more successful with it.

If you’re interested, I’ve attached the form I use, and you can read about it here (but you have to read through the whole discussion to get all the info) -

6620-tagform.pdf (13.5 KB)

Thanks for sharing. Your form is very helpful.