Low Carb + TAG + Pump + Symlin + Exercise = One Happy Camper

These are my truths…I now realize that:

  • Low carb without TAG provides only a limited success.
  • MDI (without combo bolus or 24-hour basal delivery capability) provides only a limited success.
  • Using Symlin without both a pump and TAG is frustrating and fruitless.
  • Exercise without the ability to "turn down" your basal is not very much fun.
BUT - I finally found a combination that works well for me =

Low Carb + TAG + Pump + Symlin + Exercise

Here's hoping we ALL find the combination of tools & tips that help us feel healthy and in control.

(p.s. - if you want to learn more about TAG, Total Available Glucose, read this discussion, the whole thing - https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/dual-wave-bolus?xg_source=activity)

Wow Cheri! Congrats on finding a great lifestyle that’s doing wonders for you! I hope to get to work on the Low Carb and Symlin very soon. I was wondering how they would all work together (with TAG too!), so it’s great to hear how well it works :slight_smile:

Hi Cheri,

It has to be a great feeling when you finally find a combination that works for you. Personalized diabetes is always easier than the generic type.

Absolutely, Ricardo! And I have to give a great big virtual bear hug and thanks to you for helping me understand TAG. You and Danny have helped a lot of folks with that excellent and growing-popular post.

Thanks again, my friend.