TAG - You're It!

You have the pump - now take it one step further - one more step toward great numbers and “smooth sailing.” Try the TAG method for managing your diabetes.

I am thrilled and amazed at the results and so are many others who have

tried it. So this is a shameless plug for a new group just started here (by Danny) - http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/tagers

I encourage all of you to check it out - what do you have to lose?


!!!UPDATE!!! WOW - We’re Growing - 45 Members in just a few days!

Wonderful plug, not shameless:) This is critical info. Am excited to learn & hope many others join.

Never understood why aren’t taught to bolus for protein & fat, but I also don’t know how to do this with accuracy. Eating low carb, my diet is high fat & my results attempting to cover this are hit & miss. Maybe Danny will uncover the mystery of the pizza bolus dilemma & be famous!

It will definitely be a challenge on MDI, Gerri. Just not sure how it would work to try to mimic having a bolus release small amounts over, say a two or even 3 hour period (as in the case of high fat meals) - but if anyone can figure it out, you can!

Oh is my face red! You know we have a lot of arty types on TuDiabetes, and when I saw the name of this new group, I thought it was graffiti artists (taggers) with D. Thanks for the joke on me; I’m laughing!

That IS funny!!! Geez - I didn’t even think of that…how “uncool” I am! lol

Not sure I can figure it out at all. Maybe someone can guide me a bit.

Hey - who loves ya, baby?

Actually the MOST knowledgeable person I know about TAG is Ricardo. He’s a member of the group.


Is it possible to approximate TAG using MDI? Realize the limitations, but hoping you can advise. I use Humulin R for meals (except breakfast) because of gastroparesis. I use Apidra for breakfast & to correct. Basal is Levemir. Meals are low carb/high fat/moderate protein.


Thanks, Danny!

Gerri - check out the discussion on the Group site!

Would be great if you started a discussion on this topic, if you don’t mind. Thanks! There must be others who’d like to do this who don’t have pumps, or are taking a pump break.