Back to mundane foot problem...and afraid

I used everyone's advice and went to the podiatrist today. The "fissure" on my heel was great, seems I did all the right things, PHEW! Thanks for the suggestions all.

He did some testing and I seem to have some loss of sensitivity in my toes. Felt like I failed a test. Terrified--worst nightmares.....

Nothing else frightens me like this. Pulse is good, toes feel, but do not distinguish everywhere between sharp and dull..

"Tomorrow is another day."

Anyone wear compression socks?

I use them for running and like them pretty well. When I had my weird leg issue last year (1x5x4 cm hematoma in my calf...), I went to the podiatrist and she said that wearing the compression socks was exactly the right thing to do, and there wasn't much else. I know what you mean about being terrified though, my foot turned black and blue, even though the "thing" was in my calf and I was sure they'd chop my leg off. It worked out ok but I'm leery of getting back to running > 10 miles as I've only had a couple of distance runs since then and the results are mixed. Ugh.

"Tomorrow is another day."

That makes me think of Danny. Thanks.

Ok, the compression socks and wraps. My understanding is that they are primarily a treatment for edema and we are at higher risk of edema for at least two reasons that I know about. First, as the circulation in our extremities gets worse, fluids won't drain out as well. When we get older, this is a real problem. The second thing is that insulin itself can cause edema. I actually get slight edema, probably from insulin. A common test that doctors use for edema is to press on your shin firmly with a finger for 5 seconds, then look and see if it leaves a depression. A depression indicates that the finger pressure squeezed out fluids and that you have edema, the worse the depression, the worse the edema.