Need Advice

On Tuesday, I have to go in for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. Now on Monday starting when I get up I have to go on a liquid diet. I am allowed jello, pudding and yogurt. I also have to drink Gatorade every 2 hours as not to have my electrolytes screwed up due to the prepping for the colonoscopy. I was wanting to know others advice about how to handle my insulin during that time. I know I will be going high often due to the sugar in the Gatorade. Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what helped them keep their sugar under control.


Hi Cody,
I realize that my late comment is probably too late to be of any help, but here goes. My daughter also had both of those tests done on the same day as well. She is wheat, gluten and fructose intolerant. She is not diabetic, but if she has even small amounts of sugar she produces huge amounts of insulin and crashes really badly… She told the people scheduling her tests about her problems they said to just use sugar free Gatorade., sugar free jello and only use chicken broth as well as lots of water while she prepared. It was a hard two days for her, but she got through with us testing her blood sugasrs very frequently. If she had crashed badly I don’t know what we would have done. Good luck with your tests and with the preparations.

I did crash bad twice while on the liquid diet. 28 and 57, my doctor told me to quit taking all insulin after the second crash unless i was over 400 for over an hour. After I quit trying to treat the highs I was ok. I just fininshed my second dose of the laxative so now it is only a matter of a few hours before I go in for the tests.

I wish you luck Cody. I am sorry about those crashes. My daughter said her tests were very easy to go through. They put her to sleep and she was over and back in the recovery room in just 30 minutes. She said the hardest parts were the preparations. I hope your biopsies all come back really well too.
My daughter has irritable bowel syndrome, hiatal hernia and acid reflux. The doctor added a few new pills and we changed her diet and she is doing really well. I will be thinking of you today and would appreciate it if yiou could let me know how you are doing when this is finished.

THe doctor said it apperead that i had spastic colon, but there were a few suspicisous spots in my stomach he took a biopsy of. I should know in a few weeks what the results are.

I am glad those are over for youj. How are you feeling now? Are you pretty wiped out? I hope the doctor was able to give you something for the bowel problem
I have to leave in a little while to get in to see my doctor today. I am in some trouble again. I had another A1c drawn this morning and am really hoping these last few months of really hard work and dedication to my diet and exercise will show up there and give me a better number. I will see when it comes back. I think today we are going to dump Byetta and start me on some insulin. I am taking a pill (Glipizide) also. You sound to me like you are a type 1. Are you? Do you have trouble staying stable? I was diagnosed about 2 1/2 months ago as type 2. And sure hope I can find that happy medium soon.
Please rest well and I hope you are feeling better soon. I am really sorry you had to go through those tests, but even sorrier for the preparation. I have been there several times, but never as a diabetic. I can’t imagine how hard that was.