Have you ever left your blood glucose check machine at home

Just wondering, i live very faraway from where i work, and it happen that i forgot to bring my whole blood glucose check bag to work, will go yoga tonight as well…
I am type one, and i always carry it with me…
Debating whether to travel all the way home to get it around lunch time, or just forget about it…

holiday’s starting tomorrow, surely every part of me is already on holiday mood… :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, my blood glucose meter is a “no-go” item. I would back track and go out of my way to get it back in my hands as soon as possible. I say this even though I use a CGM, too. I consider it a personal safety item. Only you can make this call.

Perhaps you should consider getting another meter so that you could have one at work and one at home. I used to keep a third meter in the car.

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You know your stability level better than anyone else. If you’re confident that you can go without it, you’re probably right. If you’re terrified of the idea, you probably better go get it. I personally leave the house all the time without mine, the only time I make a specific point of taking it is if I’m planning on eating out-- but that’s only bc I’m very comfortable with my level of stability…

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Thanks Terry4, yes I guess you are right, that’s how I feel too, even though I eat similar stuff but still, eg this morning I woke up with a bg of 47 but I can’t actually feel it
I know I’ll survive the day without any problems
But logically I feel like I should go get it
Even though it’s very far
But today is also a less busy day at work and no bosses are in office

it is so annoying to forget the D-gear at home! i dont do it very often but i have done it a couple of times and gone off to work. luckily we have a pharmacy a couple of doors down from the school that will check my bg for me.

im on mdi and dont have a cgm. im usually pretty steady and can guestimate my bg most of the time, but i dont like doing exercise without the gear. there are times when i exercise that i think im low/high/in range and then i test and am surprised. i dont feel the changes as much when doing physical activity.

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With no bosses in the office and not too busy, it is a good excuse to go home and get it or go home and work from home and then continue with holiday :slight_smile:

I have multiple glucose meters and just leave one in my office. I’ve also run out of test strips a couple times - I had counted and would normally have had enough but happened to get a whole bunch of consecutive ERR readings and wasted strips. Argh!

Also there was one day I had to be outside for most of the day (around 15 degrees F) and even though I brought my glucose checker it wouldn’t work because it was too cold.

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Dear @Kenrick @Terry4 @Sam19 and @pancreaswanted
Thanks so much for replying, even though i have been diagnosed for 1.5 years for now, there are still so many times when i am uncertain of what to do!! and i am so glad i can hear about how others deal with seemingly trivial things like this, which other non-D people probably won’t understand at all - travelling all the way home for something you don’t know whether you need - “why don’t you just remember to bring everything…”

And yes, I will probably keep an extra metre at work, tho i seldom ever forget to bring it. I did ended up getting it from home, and then coming back to office, (was worried that boss would come back, but he didn’t yeahhhh!)

Thanks guys : )

I think all of us have left home forgetting various things. If I have driven a mile or so away I will always turn around and go back and get stuff. If I go to work without my meter then I will often just deal with it. As a T2 with my basal set pretty tight I can just fast all day and be generally fine. And certainly if you are traveling and forget something important you absolutely need to remedy the situation so you would probably choose to go buy another meter.

But in the end, this should be a learning thing. There is a penalty for forgetting your meter. So accept the penalty. Buy a meter or take time off work to drive home. But then use the pain from this penalty to change your behavior. Like keeping a second meter at work. Or buying a diabetes kit which keeps your meter with all your other supplies (you are less likely to forget it).

And I am sympathetic. I can’t even count the number of times I have sat there hungry having to not eat because I forgot my meter and/or insulin.

ps. I have three duplicate meters (currently Verio IQ).


Over my 30+ years with it I’ve done this many times. Including leaving it at work and discovering I don’t have it when I get home. This is where Diabetic Hoarding Syndrome shows its upside. I keep a backup meter and strips at work and I probably have like eight of 'em in a drawer at home. At worst you can buy a one-touch mini at a nearby pharmacy for like $30 or so. One reason why I have so many of 'em…


I probably have 8 meters too. my Accu-chek pump works with a bluetooth meter, but when I go out, I never remember to take it with me. I also have a Livongo InTouch, which I keep at home (I use this meter the most, as the strips are a good $$$ deal for me). I use the Accu-chek for the times when I want it to do a bolus calculation. Then, I I keep a One Touch in my purse at all times, a friend of mine gave me a bunch of strips that use it.

Get yourself an extra meter. you’ll be glad you did.


I am confident enough about the accuracy of my Dexcom G4 that I don’t now carry my meter with me at all times. Certainly if I am going to be out for 2 or 3 hours I am happy to leave it in the car. I have forgotten to bring it with me to work on several occasions. Since it is a 2 hour return trip to home, I am happy to work off the Dexcom until I get back in the evening.

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Dear @Brian_BSC @DrBB @MarieB @jjm335
Thanks everyone : ) i always hope that i will remember to bring everything, actually i even have my ID card and my credit card in my glucose metre bag, it’s like my wallet :stuck_out_tongue:
but there are always some rushed mornings, I guess the advice is to keep an extra meter at work!
And i like the idea of having a diabetes kit @Brian_BSC thanks : )

I have but I always have a spare back up meter in my purse. I’m going to carry one in my car too. Meters fail so it’s not just about not having a meter. I would never go without a meter as well as my dexcom. It’s too dangerous. You can get a cheap meter and test strips at walmart/target etc. Today I had a high bg after waking and not eating for a while due to feeling sick and couldn’t believe it so I tested against my back up meter and found it’s not working for some reason- time to get a new one or a new battery maybe. I used it this week when I forgot my meter and it was fine.


I haven’t actually left my meter home in years, and when I did I wasn’t gone from home for more than an hour or two, but I have left home without enough test strips, which is just as bad. Last summer I went to a fair out of state with only three. Rationing was tricky, but I definitely wasn’t going to make my family drive all the way back home and miss the Kansas concert for that. Luckily it all ended well. We nearly had to go home early anyway because a neighbor accidentally lit the neighborhood on fire…But that ended well, too.

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My son is T1 and we took off for a major league baseball game and realized his meter was at home. Oh no! I went to first aid and they had glucometers there and checked his BS a few times during the game.

Also, I have a few firefighters in my family. All fire stations should have glucometers as they check blood sugars on calls. He told me never to hesitate swinging in a fire station and they are HAPPY to help. He said they love to get visitors!

I didn’t panic after hearing that and HAVE utilized our local fire stations on the rare occasion we zipped out and forgot the meter. :slight_smile:


A few years ago, pre-Dexcom, my family and I were traveling to a sister-is-law’s place for Thanksgiving. We we pulled in her driveway I looked in my purse for my meter and realized I had left it at home! It was three hours away! I decided to wing it and just do my best. I ate what I wanted, including mashed potatoes, dressing, Waldorf salad, even a sliver of pecan pie. Bolused for it all as best I could. When I got home, about 12 hours after leaving, I beelined to my desk and checked. BG 114! I was amazed. And grateful.
BTW, I still feel my hypo symptoms, so I really wasn’t in danger of lows. I figured I would be high. Thankful on Thanksgiving.

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You adapt. Go back to the roots of set doses and set intake and be careful on everything like the “good ol’ days”. Watch everything and be very careful. Worked oddly well for me when I did it a bit back: Going Old School - No Testing!


I like Terry have extra meters everywhere I spend a lot of time. The one I carry with me all the time, one at work on the warehouse floor and one in my locker, one at the school when I volunteered with my kids classes, and I have a one touch mini in the car. It’s cheap so I don’t worry about the heat and the few times I’ve pulled it out to check it, it still works. (Might not work so well in AZ but here in so cal it’s ok. You can also get meters free from your endo. I know I have gotten a few from my doctors over the years.
Don’t beat yourself over his on, everything is a learning experience. Just like every number that pops up on your meter. Not a good number or bad number just a lesson to be learned. Over the years you will have many of these lesson learning experiences. I after all these years still have them from time to time.

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My husband has been my gopher more times than I can remember. Whether it is infusion sites, insulin, meter, test strips, you name it. Once when I was heading out of town for a few days I was running through my supply list in my head and had to call him to bring me a reservoir on the side of the highway.


I would no sooner leave home without my bg meter than I would leave home without my glasses or pants :-).

That said, I have had meters stop working, break, get dropped down steps, etc during the middle of the day. Many models meters are available at any corner drugstore for $10-$20 as long as you have the strips. And the store-brand meters with a small supply of strips are just as cheap. e.g. Walgreens True2Go meter is $10 and comes with 10 strips.