Bad news at the opthalmologist

I missed my appointment last year while I was fighting thyroid cancer. I had noticed in the past few months my left eye was blurry but thought I just needed new glasses. Apparently my left eye has a lot of edema near the retina. The three possible reasons they gave me were: diabetic retinopathy (and that was the best diagnosis), macular pucker (scarring) , and choroidal hemangioma (benign tumor). Now I have to wait to see the retina specialist but the opthalmologist said I will be having surgery. He didn't seem to think it was diabetic retinopathy because I was in good control of my blood sugar. Good control meaning the last two A1cs were 7.4 and 7.5 which I don't think is good control! I also have two small retinal hemorrhages. Any information or opinions would be helpful to me right now because I'm freaking out!!

I have been undergoing surgeries (4 so far this year) for retinopathy. If this is your problem I would say not to worry too much. Surgery is scary, mostly because you are kept awake during it, but it is not very painful and there are good results for most patients. You are welcome to read my many blog posts on my experiences with retinopathy and all four surgeries. The only reason I have had to have more than one surgery is because my retinopathy went untreated for nearly 8 years and my eye was in terrible condition by time I saw a retina specialist.

Thank you, Tiki.I will read your blog posts and maybe they will help me calm down a little bit.

I have recently been diagnosed with Macular Edema. Mine was caught early before I noticed any vision problems. I am being treated with a series of eye injections with a drug called Lucentis. I had my first injection about 3 weeks ago.

Being diagnosed with eye problems is difficult emotionally, it is one of a diabetics greatest fears. In this day and age there are excellent treatments that more often than not bring good results. I with you the best with your treatments.

Thank you Gary. I've been online researching options and I did see lucentis mentioned but that it wasn't always covered by insurance. Did the injection hurt? I know people complain about headaches with Laser treatment but I was wondering about medication.
And yes I find the thought of losing my vision terrifying. Thank you for responding.