Macular edema

HI, all. I’m looking for info (not the textbook sort, the “been there, done that” sort you get on tudiabetes) on macular edema. I need to psych myself for a repeat eye doc appt (we’re putting off immediate surgery and following the swelling around the macula to see if any of the lipid leakage is being reabsorbed). Thanks for your help!

I have a macular edema since one year and I can’t have anything for it because my doc told me that if she did something I lost 90% of my vision. So I must take my A1C down and it’s a very difficult task for me. what do the doctors do in USA or anywhere? Is there a treatment?

I had a 3 port vitrectomy in June to remove blood from my eye and the edema and swelling responded to laser treatments. I am not sure why, but the swelling was slowing my recovery and now I am back on track. Dr. Hwang at Oregon Health and Science University’s Casey Eye Institute is my eye doc.

Last June my ophtalmo made 4 shots of laser and I tried to keep my A1C near 7 %. Last week I went to my ophtalmo and I got an OCT exam and then she said that my macular oedemia is smaller than in June!!! I’m happy!

I’ve been living with it since 2003. I’ve had two laser treatments in each eye. I went to seven retinal specialists until I found one I felt comfortable with and I’ve been seeing him ever since. In fact, I go every 4 to 6 months depending on the amount of swelling and so far, since the surgeries, each time the leakage reabsorbed. My vision is pretty decent, all things considered, but I’m hyper aware of every new spot or floater and keep on top of it. Anything you need to know, please feel free to contact me!

How did the leakage reabsorb? I’ll will go to my ophtalmo next tuesday and I don’t know how is my macular edema but I know my A1c is not good.

HI Brigitte,

I also have a macula edema in my left eye. It started about 3 years ago… One day woke up and my vision with the left eye was distorted. Since I have had laser treatment and also several over 6 injections of Avastin…
Although my vision has not recovered, the eye doctor tells me that it is under control… However, the avastin inyections will probably have to be part of the treatment… This year had already 4 and going for 2 more…

The only thing one can do is to try to keep the A1C in good levels. I have been trying to do it… Not easy but not impossible…

regarding the leakage reabsorption… have asked about it to the doctor. he says that it is difficult… that the best one can have is to control so that no further leakage occurs.

All the best…

any comments and or questions just let me know


thank you so much for your answer. Yes I know how it’s hard to keep a good A1C. So just last tuesday I go to my ophtalmo and she made an OCT to see how is my macula edema. And it is the same, not smaller and not bigger. She made some laser one year ago and she thinks that it was a good work. My vision is good and she told me that if she made an injection (cortisone?) I can have lost 90 % of my vision. I don’t know if we have same treatment in France and in America.
thank you again. All the best Valente.

Hope this helps;

This guy is great in terms of explaining much in a way that is NOT depressing and realistic. I know you are not looking for "internet info" but I found his site to not be the typical one. He also responds to every question and might be a good way to discuss with another professional in a relaxed way.


My macula oedemia is a little bigger and my ophtalmo spoke about an injection into the eye... I think it will be Avastin. And I want to know if it hurts, if there is big pain... In June I will go to see if there's no need of laser and maybe my ophtalmo will say "injection". The cost of one injection is 1500 Euros without insurance in France. What is the cost in USA?

In the past few months, I have had 2 Avastin injections in each eye and a laser treatment in each eye. Last week, my opthomologist gave me a Lucindis injection, and he will do the other eye this week.He was reluctant to start because the Lucindis is so expensive, and he was afraid my insurance might not cover it.I have seen the Lucindis shots quoted as costing $2000 each.At two a month, indefinately, that's $48,000 a year. Still, the injection last week was better than the Avastin injections. I didn't have the black blob sitting in my vision afterwards.