Bad news: Cinnamon rolls don't cure diabetes after all :(

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, people. I know you'll all be as devastated by this development as I was.

And to think this guy was once (briefly) the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. Of course, he also boasted of making squirrel in his popcorn maker, the logistics of which were always hard for me to comprehend.


Funny in a sad way ...

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I just loved the episode of "undercover bosses" in which they recognized an employee for going the extra mile for a "special needs customer" by making a diabetic customer's cinnamon roll with no frosting on it at Cinna-buns

I make a cinnabon-like cinnamon roll recipe (OMG, it is KILLER!! :) ) but I only eat one or two of them and the rest go with my wife to her work, on Fridays. Everyone raves about them and I love them to death, but all the butter, etc, causes my bg's to stay elevated for hours, but not until several hours have passed. When I first gobble the rolls, it doesn't seem like they are "carby", but boy does it show up later, with insulin resistance for quite some time.

Something like that would throw me so far out of control that I wouldn’t even consider it… It’s just not worth it for me

The obvious charlatan is the promoter of this idea but it saddens me that there exists a substantial market for these too-good-to-be-true ruses clearly intended to separate a fool from his/her money. Reverse type II diabetes, anyone?

At least we’re smart enough not to elect this man president.

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I dunno… if I lost 110 pounds, I’d be well over 20 lbs underweight. Then again, if I ate 4-5 Cinnabons every day, I’d likely die in a much shorter time – saving the healthcare system tens of thousands of dollars. And as we know, death absolutely cures diabetes – there are no permanent residents of cemeteries with insulin deficiency or measurable insulin resistance!

What’s the cure for stupidity?


You mean to tell me that my almost religious eating of cinnamon rolls ain’t gonna help at all? :scream:

Mike Huckabee and Barton Publishing are absolute effing walnuts!

if u find a cure for stupidity let me know. i did something today that i still don’t know why i did it.

Thanks for the laugh today :joy:

You guys are SOOO cynical and unwilling to accept new ideas. I’ll bet you don’t believe Halle Berry cured her Type 1, either.

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